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  1. Place I stayed: La Quinta BWI Number of people in room: 2 (pixietricks and myself) Hotel Staff: Extremely polite & helpful. Walk to the con center: Not in walking distance. We had an awesome stay at this place overall. Free wireless internet (in room!), free breakfast. A shuttle would take you on a 1-2 min drive to the lightrail, where a 30 minute trip would deposit you right next to the con. Nightly rate? $94, with AAA discount ($100 otherwise). Definitely a fantastic deal. Plus, the hotel staff was excellent, the room was nice, and there is a McDonalds and a Wendy's less than
  2. Thanks Noah! Also, we now have one of our videos up from the panel now, the ReMix Medley:
  3. For those of you who attended the OCReMix panel on Saturday night, 8pm in Panel 4, what did you think? If you've been to any of our other ones, how did it compare? We felt that this was our most successful panel yet, but we're always looking to improve for the future! Feel free to share any thoughts here. Also, a big "thank you" to any and all staffers who helped with the logistics surrounding the panel.. could not have done it without you.
  4. To get a panel at the 2007 Otakon, we had to first submit a form well in advance detailing all the panelists, gear we would need, preferred timeslots, and describe our panel. Then, we had to pre-register all four panelists - putting in all their contact information - and though we didn't have to pay, we did have to mail this info separately to the panels dept to confirm we signed up. We then had to get to the con on Thursday evening to pick up our badges early so we could go straight to our panel Friday morning. And for the record we got up at 5:30AM and drove from Washington, DC, arrivin
  5. I dunno, for the second year in a row we (OC ReMix) got the earliest Friday timeslot - 10 AM - and yet again we drew a crowd of at least 400... Unfortunately we didn't make it to any other panels besides the Sakimoto Q&A tail end (which was cool).
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