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  1. So I just came back from Conneticon and I saw a ton of awsome jokers [batman] there... it got me wondering... what do you all think of cosplays that have nothing to do with the japanese culture... does the fact that it IS a cosplay make it part of the otakon way? what are people thoughts on the matter? i just randomly thought of it... i personally think that if you have the skill to make something spiffy you should show it off with pride but for some reason seeing well made non-anime characters (aka sponge bob) and stull always gave me the giggles and makes me think "woohoo genius!" edit
  2. i just came back from a con and i saw a girl cosplay Gir from Invader Zim... as she lifted her [cosplay] "head" so that she could see, she actually hit the girl behind her with her "head" (yes this happened in the dealers room) so if you're big and bulky be aware of ALL around you... also PLEASE don't wear it to the otaku dance... it's a bad idea that will not only make you suffer but everyone around you as well >_<
  3. i made one of the ghosts from pacman (when they're flashing) but now i'm kinda thinking that it might be too simple of a cosplay... do you guys think i should still bring it to otakon? :S
  4. i'm currently looking for a better job with more hours too... best of luck to you!
  5. anyone know if there are any good thursday night fun anywhere?
  6. elevator up and stairs down... and what totally confusses me is why in the world are there people who need to take the elevator fro the 6th floor to the 5th floor?! expecially on the move in/out day?
  7. LOL I know Victoria Secret carries XXS and even XXXS. I glared at that size chart and said, "You make me look like a broomstick." But I never tried on Vs's clothes. actually i get the opposite feeling from Victoria's Secret clothes. i'm not sure about other stores but i've been working for VS for years. i really only but the PINK (the brand) clothes but surprisingly i wear a M-L. they seem to be a size bigger than normal clothing. also the sizes only run from XS to XL. (well maybe online has more) but i'm by far not what you would call thin. they seem to be pretty good on me so far.
  8. ok i'm sorry to have revived such an old topic but it seems that i have people (yes more than one ) who are planning to making the tetris pieces... i can't wait to see all of you! XD sadly however, due to limited travel (car) space i will not be able to follow through with my original idea however i did modify the idea! instead i will be going at one of the ghosts from pacman! REFERENCE--> http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1177/104674...8f323ce.jpg?v=0 and i promise that this one is already completed and coming with me to otakon. just finished a sec ago lol anyone wanna join in on the
  9. so my friend and i were driving down to katsucon following my gps when we came across a toll (i beliee it was around $5) being the poor college students that we were, we were afraid that we'd run into more of thses crazy tolls, thus we set the gps to "avoid toll" (yes amazing isn't it? there really is such an option!) anyways the gps tells up to exit right before a toll area. we ended up in city traffic and was completely amazed when we passed right by the bccc (took a pic of the building and eerything!) and what makes this story great? on the way back (being tired) we decided to just endure t
  10. here's the otakon link. it didn't work when i clicked on it so i just copied the one she gave me: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v603/Yum...otakonbrand.jpg anyways it sounds awsome althought i now that someone said it i really wanna get a group together and do the thriller dance lol (can you blame me?) any takers? anyone? how big is that brand by the way? but knowing you i can see you making all different designs of it. PS, if you wanna add more stuff to your portfolio, you can still paint me black and blue anyways, we can put some time aside to do that...^_~ and i'll help yo
  11. haha we can become your horde of the living dead! count me in. oh! i can see a fallen down the stairs thing or something of that sort... and you might wanna bring extra, if you run out you'd be sad but if you have extra you you can also put more stuff on me lol well i'll send you a pic of me via email or something so you can get those creative jucies of yours flowing
  12. haha your welcome, and now you can see why i got distracted and posted the wrong link in the first place anyways back to the topic at hand, i was thinking of going as teh clasic L piece although i don't know how it'll look with my height (i'm 5'1" ) but i can definitly imagine myself on the train in it on the way to otakon that just might make the whole thing worth while lol
  13. gah! i just realized that i gae everyone the wrong link sorry everyone but this: is really what i had in mind anyone up for it?
  14. is anyone interested in cosplaying as some simple tetris pieces? different shapes, different colors. we'll all have fun at otakon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNRJFWFyIXQ...feature=related <-- if you need a reference to what i'm talking about... is anyone up to it?
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