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  1. http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/ca6586351.html Anyone know who the Cammy is?
  2. http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/ca6586351.html YES! My favorite cosplayer from the whole con (the Cammy in that article) is featured. AWESOME! See if you recognize yourself or anybody else. BTW, anybody know who that Cammy is? When I asked for her picture I asked her to do Cammy's win pose (the thumbs up with her back turned) and she gave me this funny look right before she did it. I didn't want her to think I was a perv, I'm just a really big Street Fighter fan.
  3. Yup, already reserved mine too. Great idea. Only thing to do now is wait!
  4. At the time of this posting it is about 11 months away, but still... there's no such thing as planning too early when it comes to con! Post here if you're eager to go back, or even if it's your first time. Whether it's a year away or a day away, talk about it here. The anticipation for Otakon 09!
  5. I got a Sword Of Omens replica and a Kasumi (DOA) figure. One thing I now deeply regret NOT buying was the $80 Street Fighter Tribute hard cover art book from the Udon booth. I just now found out that it is a convention exclusive and will not be sold anywhere else. I wish I would have known that before I left. :::CRY:::
  6. Indeed awesome. I caught the showing right before the masquerade. Would love to see it again. YouTube?
  7. Wow, too bad I missed that. And yeah, definitely bring him back! I saw him in 2003 when he performed. Also got him to autograph my CD.
  8. I thought I wasn't going this year, but I managed to pull a last minute miracle and I went! OTAKON 2008 FTW! I had a blast, as I'm sure most people this year had. Can't wait for 2009! Speaking of which... announced already? Damn! *books room at Holiday Inn*
  9. Heh heh. What I meant was, I can watch all the anime I want at home (not that it means anything, but I have a 60 inch HDTV). I mainly go to Otakon to hang out with fellow geeks and check out the cosplayers.
  10. Same thing I do at con every year: Friday (or Saturday, depending on whether on not I can get into the Friday show) - AMV Contest. Saturday - Masquerade Friday and Saturday nights - Rave Everything else in between - Dealer room, hanging out with friends, game room, and snapping pictures of cosplayers. No offense, but I don't go to Otakon to watch anime or movies.
  11. At the website, you can choose what size bed(s) you want. Either 1 Queen, 1 Full, or 2 Full. I chose 2 Full, and it shows on my confirmation receipt.
  12. Nah, just reserved the room online at the Days Inn website.
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