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  1. I'm cosplaying as Nicholas D. Wolfwood, from the anime Trigun.
  2. Personally I am going to try and keep it around 29,542
  3. I may not be able to attend the con due to the fact that I will possibly be in upstate New York due to work. But I've pretty much decided that I am going to go no matter what.
  4. Oh man.. 2 months left?!! 2 months left!!! darn. My costume is ready, I think? where is it **rummages around basement**
  5. Time to throw you guys in a time warp. Remember when Cartoon Network only had about 1 MAYBE 2 commercials in between showings? And when Toonami was a gateway for all things anime?
  6. barret seems like a good idea actually! Anime characters with guns =awesomeness
  7. Scuma as in...the drug from the game Oblivion?
  8. my cosplay is already finished so ya i'm ready
  9. Keanu Reeves (Spike Spiegel) Monique Curnen or Maggie Gyllenhaal (Faye Valentine) ??? (Jet Black) Summer Glau (Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV) Maybe that would work out pretty well? I am not sure about Jet though dunno who could play him
  10. JAM project and the video were both surprises for me . I had no idea JAM project were such a funny bunch!
  11. ^ BIG help thanks a lot I am really not good at reading a bunch of ????????? lol. again thanks!
  12. Well keep it up, because your cars are sick! Great job last year by the way!
  13. Wow very nice. i should've went >< also "Adrenalyne kick" ROCKS!
  14. wow dude. i wish you the best in catching up
  15. I laughed a lot, very very well done "the amount of noise you make is directly proportional to the amount of people sleeping in the room" LMAO!
  16. I think i will make an attempt to go. no guarantees though
  17. lol thats pretty tight. i love how you threw fooly cooly in there!
  18. you could always hope they they have really good blinds. the hilton that we stayed at had blinds so dark that myself and our roomies did not wake up until 2 p.m on friday of the con! lol thats how dark it was in our room. epic win blinds (yes it was that dark in the room)
  19. i saw the guys. but sadly i didn't talk to them
  20. i think i found a photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/americanshinji/2753986535/
  21. ok, i am in game now. send me a PM if you want my in game name
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