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  1. damn, its hard to admit something like this. *sighs* the old school SatAM, when sonic thought that his uncle chuck was permanently roboticized (but he was not yay! ) and ughh i can't believe i am admitting this.....Kare Kano... made me weep A LITTLE when arima thought that his girl friend wanted to break up with him.... you did not hear this from me though
  2. i think people shold be allowed to cosplay whomever they want to. as long as they have fun doing it. would not bother me if the whole con did only naruto and bleach. if they put in effort AT ALL into the char that they are cosplaying, i don't think they deserve to be made fun of, or outcast. i wonder what would happen if an anime starring boxes became popular. someone would be mad that everyone is cosplaying a box. who cares go to cons have fun. i say more of the same char cosplayed =more photos for me
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