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  1. is that game good? if so i will download it today! and join the otakon guild. it actually sounds like fun
  2. ^ I'll help you if you need it shiro!
  3. just a quick side note. Do not, i repeat do NOT open the "Complimentary" water that that is on your desk when you enter the room! that water is like 5 bucks per lol
  4. YES! YES! YES! Those "commercials" that broke up the movie were hilarious. Other than that: -the opening animation... epic -Voltron panel was fun... He's dead, Jim. (Sven) -AMV contest always rules... So glad I went on Friday and saw the trailer category - Iron Editor... I've never been to one, but I'll go next year for sure -Marbell... She was awesome. Thanks for mooning us, wish I had a camera. Did I say that? She was so into it, during the last song her eyes were watering up, and she started to cry. I was sad to see it end too.
  5. 1. Shaking Speed Racers hand. 2. Meeting an awesome Vash The Stampede
  6. yea. VG spoofs....not so much...... AMV salad, pretty dang good
  7. I didn't see you, but it's a lovely cosplay and what you did was great. My friend was really impressed with it (he took the picture). http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc216/R...in/IMG_0711.jpg
  8. may i also add that during the opening ceremonies when Otakon prez took the stage we were OOOoing not BOOing
  9. I was actually looking for recycling bins at Otakon. I think if recycling bins were placed Otaku would defiantly use them
  10. oh that was you?!! haha i saw you and another higurashi cosplayer. and i was like "wtf?"! you guys did an amazing awesome job. see you guys at the Watanagashi Festival. hahah!
  11. hmmm Nicholas D. Wolfwood again. i LOVE that character! if not him then Cliff Fittir (star ocean 3)
  12. I did not understand the whole manhole cover thing. i though they were just being used as weapons hahaha. but it was still an AWESOME animation
  13. still looking for photos of a black wolfwood with an uncovered cross punisher. any help and i would be TRULY grateful
  14. ya i hope i can find it also. it was sooo funny.....GET OFF THE SHAD!
  15. lol dude no way. i was the guy with the cross looking around dumbfounded hahah
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