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  1. it was there last year. i think it first showed up Friday night or something. Epicness to the guy who climbed up their and made that. it is truly amazing
  2. ya, i'm pretty sure that I was that ONE person lol!
  3. there is a link in my sig, to anime jutsu try that it may have your pic hope i could help!
  4. Haha you were awesome. I got some really good shots of you that i can link as soon as i find my USB cable.
  5. about 590 dollars total counting cosplay room and food
  6. wow i didnt even see that awesome logo lol. guess i just had to look up !
  7. Otakon was pretty good! one bad experience but other than that it was awesome
  8. that army guy is actually on a youtube video. he seems pretty cool actually!
  9. i have a grand total of 1 hour(s) of sleep lol!
  10. 20 credits says that someone is out there right now. With either a chibi doll of SOMETHING a box of pocky and a nintendo DS. *champagon says, let it ride!*
  11. you look like Asuka actually. if that is you in your avatar
  12. yea....but NO sorry dude remember your seven P's p*** poor planning produces p*** poor product
  13. Sleep! I am trying to fall asleep but its not working! >.<
  14. Edo Sushi is at 4p.m. Thursday, Thats tomorrow! /index.php?showtopic=14804&st=50">here is the thread
  15. If I see Neo again him OR superman. They are done! as matter of fact if either of you are reading this I challenge you!!!!!!! You won last year, but Wolfwood shall be victorious this year !
  16. pizza girl?? ya she probably won lol!
  17. be careful and if your handling a large prop try not to hit people accidentally. ya and tight spaces, stay out of them
  18. wow that adult one is pure epic. awesome job for posting it on you tube
  19. ***Are you finished yet? Times running out! (Don't Sweat)*** Only things I have to get now are a dress shirt and a dress coat/glasses for wolfwood. Easy find though so I am at 100 percent completion . Good luck to the rest of you guys! See you at Otakon 08
  20. Frank Zappa is known to have said at a performance at a bar, "Everyone here is wearing a uniform, don't kid yourself." to answer the first query, though, would be like saying the military is loaded with cosplayers because they HAVE to wear a uniform. for number 2, it is called business casual or business professional for a reason. Show up in other that either of those, you will likely be asked to seek employment elsewhere. Protocols. Rules. Sometimes you just have to abide by them You CHOOSE to wear something you do not have to as a cosplayer. Not the same thing. You are m
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