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  1. maybe it's a little too close to the convention to make a suggestion. but what about a badge that says, "Why So Serious?" in black print or something. That would be tight
  2. wow the Casshearn i totally overlooked that!!
  3. This year i will try to use cash more. I have a bad habit of automatically taking out my credit card hehe. and <----level ding
  4. I forgot to add that i am also originally from New York. Brook to the LYN! (i was only like 11 so yea...) but ya i am down for a party. i should be walking around. if you wanna locate me just send me a PM before the con so we can chill
  5. ^ Some people lack the openness needed when they seem someone in cosplay. and thats called ignorance. to be honest if you think about it everyday life can be related to cosplay. For example lets say your Junior High/High School has a uniform that you must wear. are you NOT in cosplay? Or for you business Men & Women in your business attire. if no one said anything, would you still wear it? You can even take your average "scene" goer / "day shopper" they take hours to get dressed and ready. That sounds a lot like Cosplaying to me
  6. my budget limit is going down slowly due to people bailing on our hotel rooms -.- so yea budget is slightly going down
  7. Those people who laugh/make fun of cosplayers are too scared to cosplay themselves. i bet some of them actually like anime !
  8. i've been known to use wewt and or woot per se lol!
  9. lol yea lets stay at a 12 thousand a night hotel......can i gt a pizza BTW? lol *sigh* her parents must've been PISSED. also wipeout is pretty funny but i don't like how the contestants can get back up and keep going. it should be like MXC once your out you ARE OUT
  10. Hey everyone champagon here. its almost 3 am and i am FINNALY all finished with my cross punisher. next step get it safely back to my house in owings mills.....its close to 3 am and i still haven't packed the car so i am a little (VERY) delirious right now */Rena Ryugu laugh*HAHAHAHAH hehehe ahhahaha (why so serious????) ummmmm......yea batman was awesome. cross punisher is done. and i also tried some new things to help enhance its original flavor.....so yea, hope you guys like it i did my best. sorry about the no photos digicam problem. meh W/E you guys will see it in a week soooooooooo ENJOI
  11. dang dude. mind if i ask what it was that broke? I am a good repair man . maybe i can help out?
  12. to be honest i consider myself a pretty good "scout" to plot a route. but i dunno lol. the only thing i can think of is sticking to the 2nd floor while walking towards the fountains, then going down the escalators (zombies on a escalator?, snkes on a plane... ok w/e) then after the escalator head toward the right hand side exit. then head towards the harbor. an outdoor picture with boats??? the route shouldn't be too hard to plan or even improvise on. but the someone needs to pick a specific TIME and PLACE, DAY to do this
  13. alb i hate you, i was up till 5 am waiting for it, but to no avail. good thing i have off of work at 4 today
  14. aww sorry about that your not able to repair it?
  15. it was because otakon was over and all the people who were waiting for it had no excitement left lol!
  16. -making sure that everything from aug 7-10 is CLEAR -finishing my prop
  17. oh man i was scared for a second there. i thought i missed it while making my prop ><
  18. my first name is David. but i have actually been sent mail with my name spelled Javid on a couple of them......so....HOW?
  19. ^ And thats when a game turns into a second JOB. and I don't see a problem with people who are currently playing the game to throwing more tokens in during or right after thier turn to keep playing. its thier money. yea the person waiting will have to wait longer (and yes this has happened to me before) and maybe its against etiquette or some arcade gamer unwritten law. but everyone has to pay to play anyway. so if someone wants to pay more to extend thier play time. I don't see a problem. and i also have to disagree with you when you say that " all rhythm games kind of have a perf
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