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  1. i guess i worded the token slapping part a little bit wrong. i meant that its kinda rude when your playing a game of DDR or the like and some random dude puts a token on the screen to save thier place in "line" its like wow, invasion of the personal bubble. and since when was there a line? the way it always worked out for me is you ASK the person who is playing "hey bro, mind if i play after you?" 100 percent of the time it was a yea. and NekoSizzle, i play games to have FUN if i don't get better at it w/e thats why its called a game. i'm not going to beat myself up if i didnt land a tripl
  2. there has been only one thing on the internet that has irked me... PLOX!!! (first heard it in maple story..)
  3. I have a question for everyone and I don't mean to sound mean nor am I trying to down anyone who plays these games. But there is one thing that I MUST know. Does anyone play DDR and other rhythm games for fun anymore? or has it just turned to nothing but technique and who can get there quarters/tokens on the screen faster. Because everytime i go to an arcade or an area which has DDR, everything is fine until hard core rhythm heads show up. then instead of a fun arcade game it turns into a screen token slapping bonanza. I've also seen it happen for pretty much every rhythm game out there. so
  4. The plans are to show portions of it before the convention, since it is for promotional purposes after all. Unfortunately I can't say where at this point, because I really don't know.
  5. My story started off around march 2007. I was watching Trigun videos/AMV's on youtube. all of which had a focus of wolfwood with them. after watching a few videos i thought to myself "I want to be him, at least for a day...yea just one day and I will be happy" I started to search online for "brown dress shoes and any cross punishers that might be on e-bay" during my frantic and frequent google searches I stumbled onto cosplay.com. I stayed on that website for what seemed like days, just admiring people and thier skill. Then I noticed that they attend conventions "what the hell, like a sta
  6. i think the intrigue of death note is that you have to pay attention to EVERYTHING in order for it to make a bit of sense. I couldn' understand why it was so popular. so i watched a few episodes and as it turned out the dude named "L" i think (the creepy kid looking guy) is trying to prove that "Light" (the person whom all the girls like)
  7. ^ well i did not understand most of the acronyms but... /anime nod.
  8. I say use the "print screen" method. Heres Champagon's guide to Ninja printing whats up!! champagon here. this is how you ninja print 1. Find what you wanna print 2. Hit the "print screen" button located on your keyboard 3. Open microsoft paint (yesss your computer has it!) 4. Once microsoft paint is open hold ctrl+v 5. BAM printed screen goodness 6. PROFIT
  9. yooo SHIROOO we need to party with these guys!
  10. well ya repatative vids get well....repatative but "mainstream" anime is the initial spark that starts the flame of the love of anime for Otaku. Ya we all get tired of mainstream anime and mainstream anime AMV's but everyones gotta start somewhere. ya know??
  11. I can't say i care who or what gets cosplayed the most. I will just be happy to be at otakon and see all the cosplayers/people in general
  12. i'm pretty sure that you will find more vocaloid cosplayers like yourself. they probably just haven't read this post yet . I didn't even know what a vocaloid was up until a few days ago. apprently they are REALLY popular. so if i see ya i will be sure to say hello
  13. Speaking of youtube here is a video for you south park fans I'm Not your Guy Friend!I'm Not your Friend Buddy!!!
  14. ***Cosplay Update*** Character: Nicholas D. Wolfwood Anime: Trigun Maximum, Trigun OVA Just purchased ALL of the materials that I need for wolfwood's prop status updated to 20 percent
  15. this thread is epicly long. and i HIGHLY miss it! WATASHI WA SHINEN.....SHINEN ZAAAAAAA...... FALCONNNNNNNN PAWUNCH!!! Its Super Effective!
  16. Might be a good question to bring up at his Q&A.
  17. i would like to do "super shooter" by Rip Slyme but those lyrics are just too fast >< and are in japanese lol which isn't too big of a problem
  18. Thanks Kappa Lizzy now i won't be able to sleep for a week
  19. well i LIKE the series but i have no idea if its coming out here in the U.S. If popularity continues to increase then i don't see why not. I am just hoping that 4kids doesn't snatch up the series and turn it into garbage. and i hate to say it but eyeshield seems editable even for the lameness of 4kids
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