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  1. I'm not one for the whole cliche (I.E similiar to a movie) falling in love. I think people will have better chances going to places such as a convention not looking for love. but looking for friends. and lets say you find that cute guy or that sexy girl don't swamp them with affection, try being thier friend. who knows you guys could turn out to be the best friends ever. or something more. you never know, especially if your at something as big as a convention. and trust me i am no expert on conventions this is my second convention EVER, but i have learned that its better to just be fri
  2. Gula Gula Island????? VR Troopers?????? <----Samurai Pizza Cats?
  3. its probably som marketing ploy. big name fashion companies do things like this a lot i think. cause my elder sister complains about it too. XXS is probably still XS and the extra X is there just for show. i remember when jc penny/lor and taylor did something like this a lot of people nearly had a fit lol
  4. (18 AND OVER ONLY, PLEASE ) When: Otakon 2007 Where: fencer of minerva Hentai showing Me: " well guys its saturday night and we gotta bail soon" Friends: "nahh, i'm not tired yet lets find something to do."
  5. you know how movie popcorn only TASTES like movie popcorn at the movies??? well Otakon pocky is the same way **crosses arms**
  6. *twitch* I neeed my pocky fix................*twitch*
  7. so who is going to volunteer to be the organizer? (and get spammed, by pm's and cell phone numbers) (j/k) serously though.....whos going to do it?
  8. did you see the ronald mcdonalad code geasse opening?? soooo sick!
  9. out of curiousty who here thinks that they could've taken home a pieace of the Aggro Crag. For those of you that don't know the show that i am talking about is GUTS. That aired on Nickelodeon back in the day. Here is a Link
  10. oooo an air gear badge would be tight~~~!
  11. well, they tend to go to a bridge, scream, get guns waved at them /sarcasm i tend to go to bed, other people stay up talking or go to the room parties aka drama factories
  12. i build what i believe to be the MAIN portion of my cosplay from scratch. i get started on it tomorrow actually ! the other part which is just a suit i buy! i prefer to build my cosplay things such as weapons/props. that way if you build it its YOURS and nobody can take that away from you
  13. just came back from that movie and i must say that it was AMAZING!!
  14. for those of you reading this and not knowing what the carmelldansen is.
  15. no my friend, im just stating cold hard facts and observations made over the years. jealous of those extremely bishi good looking guys? nah not really, their life spans tend to be considerably shorter due to stress related factors of juggling more then one relationship. their bank accounts also tend to be empty
  16. wake up at 7 a.m double check all is well with my cosplay..........check AGAIN that all is well with my cosplay. have a quick snack then on the way to the con check my cosplay again during the walk
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