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  1. I've never fully been to Otacafe but I am this year after seeing a couple Otaku really rock the mic. Some of you guys and gals were really great (not to say the rest of you weren't or anything. Everyone was pretty awesome!) XD. I don't know if I'll be singing any songs but I'll most likely be cheering people on! Also, I had two questions. I know this is karaoke but is it primarily just J-Pop/Rock/Otaku songs that must be sung? Or can you pick English versions of songs sung by J-Pop/Rock artists. Like BoA (I know she's Korean ) Every Heart in English or the English version of Fukai Mori b
  2. Thanks so much for everyone's helpful input! I'll be sure to try those tips and check out those programs you all suggested. It's actually kind of funny I have audacity on my computer and use it ALOT but never thought to use it for a masq skit. Thanks again!
  3. Heyya! I actually had a few questions regarding the masquerade. I would like to enter an original anime skit for this year but this will actually be my first time ever doing so. I was wondering about the audio files, how everyone goes about recording the voice acting and such? As well as what programs you use? Things like adding in different clips of music/sound? Any information would be really appreciated. Hope to get some replies soon! ^__^
  4. My Thursday revolves around 3 rituals: 1.) I read my Dramacons (Long Live Svetlana!!) religiously to get me hyped up for a super awesome con weekend! Which is done mostly when I'm supposed to be doing something super important (...like working!). 2.) I live pretty close to the Baltimore area it only takes me maybe 30 minutes at the absolute worst to get into the City. Mostly, I pick up my 'group' so they can also get their badges. 3.) While in line my friends and I usually gripe about how freakin' hot it is and how we should've waited until 7ish to avoid the rush, usually some d
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