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  1. I don't know exactly where to post this but I saw this title was pretty close to how I felt. I tried yesterday to get rooms reserved (yes I feel like I am dragging behind I normally have them by now) and was totally confused with this whole passkey thing. We have been staying at the Renaissance for the past several years so I called to book into the Otakon block and was told they couldn't book the rooms that I had to call another number. So I called that number and the lady with this reservation thing told me that all that was available was the Sheraton and the first openings were on Friday
  2. A couple years ago I cosplayed as Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi. I am used to seeing multiple people cosplaying the same character but I never saw another Aoi chan. She is one character I think I have only seen maybe one or 2 other cosplayers ever. I did have someone recognize who I was so that cheered me up. I think it would be fun to cosplay as her again someday. This year I am thinking of Dokurochan. I think I just want to carry the spiked bat.
  3. I will so be there. I have had a love for Voltron since i was 8 years old. Boy do i feel like an old otaku now. "Lets Go Voltron Force" It is also awesome to see Saber Rider. I wasn't able to see to much of that series when i was younger. Maybe this will be my second chance.
  4. My plan is to be Yuki from Vampire Knight on Friday and i will be carrying my BJD boy as Kaname. My friend is going to be Ruka and she is going to carry her boy as Zero. We just have to finish their suits. Then Saturday i just plan on wearing Lolita.
  5. I will be there. I was planning to cosplay on Friday and then dress in Lolita on Saturday. Haven't decided which outfit it will be though. On egl I use pretty much the same name sakura_oki
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