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  1. Did you know that you can become more involved in the con by Gofering? Gofering is volunteering to help out At Con, for as few as four hours, and as many as twenty over the course of the convention! Gofers get to do all kinds of things, working registration, helping out with lines, helping with video rooms, workshops, and a host of other Otakon events! We're still accepting applications, so check out our Gofer FAQ here to see what you're missing! https://www.otakon.com/info/volunteer/gofer-faq/
  2. We hear it often enough that they want the gofer perqs.


    Hey, your sig lists you as Otakon 2016.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cousinsue


      If they accept us back as gofer ops team.

    3. Wingchild


      yeah. I like our team and our work, so would be happy to continue doing our thing.

      I have the election meeting filed under 'que sera, sera'. I'll be expressing my view through my freshly re-established voting rights, of course.

    4. Cousinsue


      I need to get to two meetings to get mine back.



      I think our team is awesome!

  3. Just in case you were mentioning the Workshops clearing rooms for the Shinto Priestess's events, I believe those were at her request. We do attempt to accommodate our guests.
  4. Matt, where was that statement you made with the numbers for pre-reg?  I can not remember at all, and couldn't find it when I went to quote it.  At least, I think it was you and not Nick?