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  1. We hear it often enough that they want the gofer perqs.


    Hey, your sig lists you as Otakon 2016.

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    2. Cousinsue


      If they accept us back as gofer ops team.

    3. Wingchild


      yeah. I like our team and our work, so would be happy to continue doing our thing.

      I have the election meeting filed under 'que sera, sera'. I'll be expressing my view through my freshly re-established voting rights, of course.

    4. Cousinsue


      I need to get to two meetings to get mine back.



      I think our team is awesome!

  2. Matt, where was that statement you made with the numbers for pre-reg?  I can not remember at all, and couldn't find it when I went to quote it.  At least, I think it was you and not Nick?


  3. We have a dictionary? : ) I believe it's discussed in the FAQ. What is it that you wish to know about the word?
  4. That's pretty cool! If I'm wearing my Otakon shirts I get people stopping me to ask about it. If they've not attended, they're certainly interested. Except in video stores, where the counter people, sadly, seem to think that because I have a shirt with funny characters on it, I might like to learn from their "vast" store of knowledge about anime. I try to be patient with them. : ) Two years ago at Otakon I had someone come up to me and start talking to me and I had no clue who she was. I had known her since she was a little girl, but did not recognize the grown up person in
  5. Well, we were having supper at the Center Cut across from Lincoln Center (http://www.empirehotelnyc.com/eat-cc.php) and were speaking off handedly to an older couple at the table next to us. They were from central New Jersey, and told us about their grandchildren, and got on the subject of subtitles (she liked them, he didn't), and when we mentioned that we watched Japanese animation, they were very excited. Seems that their grandchildren attend Otakon, and we had quite a talk about it (they were quite enthusiastic). What with having worked for Otakon since 1996 as staff, and 1995 as a
  6. First you need to define the genres. First one you said is Mecha. I would think Sentai Squad would be another, and then there are the sports anime. Some genres from main literature might include Space Opera, Soap Opera, Historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, noir.
  7. The soundtrack from the Irresponsible Captain Tyler. It would certainly get you in the mood for wacky carefree fun!
  8. Very No! http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/11/05/...in4575403.shtml
  9. National Novel Writing Month starts tonight at 12:01 a.m. Anybody else going to try to make it to 50,000 words this month?
  10. Oh, I know. I'm glad they've gotten involved.
  11. Thought this was interesting. http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/13486.html Feel free to discuss.
  12. Actually, don't they have a Huge Anime con in Brazil? They know who we are down there. We have attendees from five out of the seven continents.
  13. Actually, it's Chile, and in fact we have, if memory serves, had attendees from Brazil and Ecuador, among other South American countries. We also have a staffer there too.
  14. Someone on ACML let us know early this week, and I passed it on to Matt the M.
  15. I have kids, and during the school year there's just not time to do so on a School Night. And then weekends we're usually away. So there's no time.
  16. I believe that trailer parodies are fine. So long as they don't use the actual logos of the corporations. Otakorp would also have to follow up if someone was using our logos, even in a parody. Between the first showing and the rest, our IP lawyer saw the clips, and discovered items that were not presented to him before the Con. Using the new data he recommended that we not show the trailer parodies.
  17. I think there was a lost and found thread, and I think someone there was asking about a lost memory card. Please check that out.
  18. I bought a set of blue Otakon tumblers. We love them, but had broken a number since last con.
  19. I would expect so. We encourage the use of the other skywalks, and part of the convenience will be that entry way.
  20. What? Farfetched? Librarians with guns holding off a government agency until pods of books have been airlifted out of a private collection? C'Mon, what's so far-fetched about that? alright alright, so that's not very realistic. Still and all, when you come to Com Con, I'll show you the wanted picture they made of me shooting the WWII German machine gun. It was so cool! The shooting of the machine gun, not the picture.
  21. One made of books? Or one made to shoot books? I'm a librarian. It has to be a Really Bad book for me to want to destroy it... Of course, there have been books like that...
  22. How can you not like librarians fighting against censorship, literally and combatively. Did anybody else see this? Does it look like there's any chance that this will get picked up here in the states? Because I know I'd like to buy it!
  23. I know there are tons of Otaku who come to Otakon from there, so they must be around!
  24. If anyone has purchased anything from this individual, or been promised anything with regard to the corporation, or Otakon, this year, or in the past, please contact as listed.
  25. My spouse suggested The Pagoda Club (he also said they might have rooms there that you could meet. But I think those would have to be rented, and be a drive for people), or the Pagodataku or something of that nature. I think changing your name definitely would be a good idea though.
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