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  1. Honestly, either i've just gotten to a point where everythign Naruto is blocked from my vision (It is the exact opposit of Kurz Weber's "Giglio Eye" for FMP Fans) or i just wasn't paying attention. I did see a LOT of Haruhi Suzumiya cosplays, which made me glad i didnt spend all that extra money to get one myself, i also saw a few Sailor V and Ouran along with other cosplay abundencies. However, one can't control the fandom. people want to dress like their favorite characters, and unfortunately, naruto and bleach are two of the top animes right now, so people are going to dress up like t
  2. Saikano made me uber depressed for a week... as for actual tears. Wolf's rein did that for me, and for some reason, best student council got me pretty close a few times. Also Aishiteruze baby was bittersweet at the end
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