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  1. Right now I'm watching Black Cat. It's so annoying how much different the anime is from the manga.
  2. Currently I'm rewatching all of the Ouran High School Host Clubs in a newly obtained english DVD. Its a little different watching the whole thing in English now, it's almost like a totally different anime even though only the voices changed!
  3. I forgot two that I didn't think of in my first post. 1. Rizelmine (I think that's the spelling) - This anime was super cute and stuff, got me all hooked into it. I mean, it was an interesting take on the 'arranged marriage' plotline in my opinion. But then it began to go into second season. And it took a sharp turn into more adult themes and became borderline hentai. You could try and avoid second season and just watch the innocent little first season, but if you really get into the anime then you can't escape - first season has a cliffhanger at the end. 2. FLCL (Or Fooly Cooly) - .
  4. This is going to be my first con, and also my first Otakon...obviously. I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm going with my best friend, who went last year. I was actually supposed to go last year but transportation and money issues prevented me. I'm feeling a little bit more comfortable because my whole group went to Otakon last year, so it's not going to be a huge group of newcomers like last year for them. I'm also completely comfortable with the cosplay situation. I'm going to cosplay all three days with three costumes for each day with a bottle of Febreeze. So I guess I'm covered fo
  5. YuGiOh - Personally I loved the first and second seasons of the FIRST show, but then it got a case of the 'Wow we can make money off of this let's make it last long!' syndrome, which results in crappy plotlines and downgrading animation. Dragonball GT - Dragonball and Dragonball Z were two animes that got me into anime, the third being Rurouni Kenshin...but I have to ignore this piece of crap the creators pooped out. Animation was worse than the previous series and the plot seemed way too weird to watch...even for the Dragonball series! I do have to agree with Dragonball Z and their forev
  6. So far I'm only going with a party of three. Me, my best friend, and her older sister. I think we'll be meeting up with my best friend's cousin a few times, but I'm not sure if she's going to be in the group or not. I wish I had some more people to do a huge group cosplay. But Otakus like us four are pretty rare in our residence.
  7. I have 2 plans. One is if I get to sew up my Nekozawa costume in time. It's going to be the first time for me making or sewing anything so if I succeed or just buy the costume here's how it'll work out: Friday: G.I.R. from Invader Zim Saturday: Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club Sunday: Mario from Super Mario But if I fail... Friday: G.I.R. from Invader Zim. Saturday: Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club Sunday: A fangirl...no literally I am. Basically I'll run up to any character even if I don't know who the heck they are or what their show is and go fangirl
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