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  1. still up in the air for me... but these are my plans for the upcoming year maybe

    - Terry Bogard in his Mark of the Wolves outfit.

    - Kouma from Melty Blood

    - something Touhou related, either Kisume or Cirno

    - VanCleef (World of Warcraft)

    - Arado (Super Robot Wars)

    - Richard from LookingForGroup

    - Dr. Wily

  2. personally, i'm glad those paddles are gone, but on the other hand it gave you a good indication of who to avoid.

    As for the 4chan stuff, it was bound to happen. stuff like that should stay on the internet imo.

  3. My plans have changed yet again, it will most likely be

    Masaki (Super Robot Wars) its going to be worn at the JAM project concert and most of that day.

    Ness (Mother/Earthbound) - I'll be the one with the Gutsy bat.

    and probably one of the following

    Keiichi (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

    Scout (Team Fortress 2)

    Blacksmith (Ragnarok Online)

  4. So far my plans are...

    Issac Dian (Baccano) - I'm not sure what costume of his i'm doing yet. Most likely his hippie outfit from the epilogue.

    Masaki (Super Robot Wars) - what better attire to wear to a JAM Project concert than a Super Robot Wars costume? (that is... if i can get the jacket)

    Purple/Black Ness (Mother2/Earthbound/Smash Brothers Brawl)- Way too many normal Nesses out there. I've gotta do something different :ph34r:

    I'm pretty sure that'll all change within the coming months.

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