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  1. Two weeks until the con and time for a nice little bump and update! Turns out that while a lot of the music from Baby Driver is a great listen, nothing really jumped out to me as something I'd want to sing as part of this fun time we have brewing. However! This does not stop me from adding a few more things just to cap this version of the playlist off for the year, barring anything on-the-fly revelations. I want to add two more songs that should be pretty classic to everyone: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles (Credit goes to Revengel for that suggestion a while back) and Thriller by Michael Jackson. Also on the docket is a better assessment of locations, now that we have the official maps for the convention available. Considering where I will be staffing and major events in relation to said space, I'm considering one of two spots for holding or little musical shindig. I'm either considering somewhere near the Video Gaming Hall (Level 2) or somewhere on Level 1 in one of the big hallways that connects down to the sales halls. I'd prefer to do the former, for ease of transport and possibly catching people already in the mood to have fun and dance (The hall for the rave/dance is on the same level next to the game hall) and the more participating people, the better! One final note: I do intend to do this both Friday and Saturday night, but Friday will likely be a late night jam session as there's an event I want to attend that won't be over until 10:30 PM. (For the record, the event is Super Art Fight, which i encourage you all to check out, they're always amazing.) That singalong session will tentatively have to be around 11 PM to accommodate that in my schedule. Saturday night looks a lot more open to starting at a more prime time, but I want to pour over the schedule just a bit more before I finalize a time there. I'll keep you all posted here. Anyway, i'm getting super hyped for this year overall and most of all sharing this excellent fun time with everyone! If you have any more suggestions, continue to post and share your ideas! Hope to see everyone in DC real soon!
  2. Things not to buy/do at a convention.

    Don't buy Ice cold water if it isn't only one dollar. I think we can all agree on that rule. Also, i personally avoid buying shirts at conventions, unless they're some kind of exclusive. Nerdy shirts are absolutely dime-a-dozen these days.
  3. Well I was trying to build the hype and mystique up for those who hadn't seen it, but that is an accurate description.
  4. Trust me, as a big-time SAF fan, this is a can't-miss event, everyone! The sheer fun of Art Fight is hard to explain, but even harder to replicate.
  5. Hey everyone, small update time! Just saw another amazing, music-driven movie last night in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. The soundtrack is jam-packed with amazing tunes (30 tracks!) and I'll be pouring through to see if I can find something to add to the playlist. Either way, I'm getting more and more ready for the fun! I have a better idea of where I can set up in the convention center after making a visit back in June, but it all depends on where major things are located for Ota. Really excited to do this again this year and I hope all of you join in! P.S., Go see Baby Driver, if you're able to, of course. It's an amazing film.
  6. Otakon 2017: What's Your Objective?

    Priorities for this year are as follows: 1) Staffing and making the game room as great as possible with what I can do. 2) Making people happy and spreading joy through music with my sing-along playlist sessions (which reminds me that I need to practice some more of the newer songs I've recently added...) 3) Finding great art from people in artist's alley and adding to my collection. 4) Discovering at least a few new things overall, whether it be an anime, musician, game or awesome thing around DC.
  7. It's mostly out of cheesy nostalgia and my personal love of Sailor Moon. The thought of adding Moonlight Densetsu on here had crossed my mind, though, especially because the song file of the old DiC theme song I have has really low volume on it.
  8. Hey there everyone! Just wanted to do a nice check-in for the thread to give a full updated list of songs, but first, I'll be doing a little extra location scouting this weekend while I attend AwesomeCon. Obviously enjoying myself and another area con is tops on the list, but my eyes are still on the big prize less than 2 months away! With that said, here's the current list of songs in the playlist! Remember, keep suggesting! It's not going to be fully set in stone until Otakon actually rolls around. Ultimate Convention Sing/Dance Playlist (Otakon '17 Edition, Version 2.0): I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan soundtrack Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Let It Go - Idina Menzel Don't Stop Believing - Journey Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley Gangnam Style - PSY Pokemon Theme Sailor Moon Theme (dub) Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Theme What Is Love - Haddaway Turn Down For What - Lil Jon/DJ Snake What's Up - 4 Non-Blondes (He-Man Version) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk One More Time - Daft Punk Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas Mahna Mahna - The Muppets The Final Countdown - Europe Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Theme Ducktales Theme Day Man - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons of Love - Cast of RENT Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi Come and Get Your Love - Redbone Code Monkey - Jonathan Coulton Ikea - Jonathan Coulton Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton Space Unicorn - Parry Gripp Raining Tacos - Parry Gripp Try Everything - Shakira (Gazelle) Busy Earnin' - Jungle Chains of Love - Erasure Hero (One Punch Man Theme) - Jonathan Young City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2) - Jonathan Young Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins Stand Out (from A Goofy Movie) - Tevin Campbell I-2-I (from A Goofy Movie) - Tevin Campbell Don't Stop Me Now - Queen Cruel Angel's Thesis - NGE Theme Shoop - Salt-N-Pepa Pokemon Season 2 Theme (We All Live In A Pokemon World) White and Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic Sandstorm - Darude Bobby Roode Entrance Theme (GLORIOUS) New Day Entrance Theme Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Ninja Sex Party My Shot - Hamilton Candy Store - Heathers Freeze Your Brain - Heathers Mr. Blue Sky - ELO Wham Bam Shang-a-Lang - Silver Come A Little Bit Closer - Jay & The Americans Flashlight - Parliament Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang Gimme Chocolate!! - BABYMETAL The Five Night At Freddy's Song - Rhett and Link (ft. Markiplier) Particle Man - They Might Be Giants Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr. The Touch - Stan Bush (Transformers: The Movie) Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer We Are Number One - Lazy Town Running in the 90s - Maurizio De Jorio (Initial D) Speedy Speed Boy - Maurizio De Jorio (Initial D)
  9. 2017 Cosplay Predictions

    I've seen the one-off KP cosplay at the past couple years' cons, but an uptick in them or seeing a good Totally Spies cosplay would be amazing. Makes me want to go back and watch some of the adventures of Sam, Clover and Alex again.
  10. Fair enough, shows what I know on the subject. I take back what I said.
  11. Hmm, very interesting. Seems PSY isn't going to be a one-hit wonder thing if those view counts on YouTube have anything to say about it. After listening to both songs, I do agree that New Face is better, so if I'm going to consider one of those to add, that would be the one. I think it may depend on how popular it really gets overall. If I see more buzz around it, I'll likely add it, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger on it just yet. Either way, the man certainly seems to have narrowed down that his success is going to ride on having a dance attached to one of these songs catch on, since he seems to have one key set of moves attached to each of those songs.
  12. The Otakon 2017 Roll-Call Thread

    This will be my 11th Otakon, all as staff! Name: Brad Hometown: Aberdeen, MD Something interesting: I work as staff for the game room currently and for the third year in a row I'm putting together a big music playlist to play/sing with/dance with for all of us in the halls during the con! Check out the thread called "The Ultimate Convention Sing-Along/Dance-Along Playlist Vol. 3: Take This, Guardians of the Galaxy!" for more info on that little activity.
  13. Okay, that's going on here for sure, but now I'm going down a whole big online rabbit hole of musical based memes. Because of that, it made me think of two pretty iconic online meme songs, from the same source and artist even: Running in the '90s and Speedy Speed Boy from Initial D and Maurizio De Jorio (or whatever alias you want to use for him, he has so many!)
  14. Hey everyone, it's time for a playlist update, so let's get down to brass tacks here. I added all the songs I was contemplating from my post on 5/18, as well as adding Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang, Gimme Chocolate!! by BABYMETAL and something I just rediscovered, a nice little Five Night's at Freddy's song sung by famous Internetainers Rhett and Link, featuring Markiplier. Overall, a nice blend of sounds being added, from more nerdy singable songs, to a touch of old school rap, metal and electronic. Anyway, I'm still considering other songs, both from suggestions and things on my own, so just because I haven't pulled anything from existing ideas here in this thread doesn't mean they're out of the running! I'm having so much fun pouring through all this music to make this playlist fresh and enjoyable for everyone who passes by at the con. In the end, I just want to make people happy and help them have a good time through the power of music.
  15. I actually do have KO's theme, but I don't want to put it on this list necessarily, since it's really just a looping instrumental track. The other WWE themes I added to this list have words, so they get a pass. I'll save it from when I'm actually in costume and walking around. I even recently bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones with an external speaker feature so I can play it easier while traveling the convention halls.