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  1. what an awesome username. ha

  2. RavenNinja


    Yes, the time, day, and location can be found here: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=158371
  3. Delaware Anime Society is probably the closest anime club from where we are. I am in Aberdeen, MD a couple of towns over from you in Harford County. www.delawareanimesociety.com is the website.
  4. Current watching: - K-On! (Newest KyoAni project, quartet of girls form a band in their school's light music club) - Hayate no Gotoku - Eden of the East (Short series, but interesting in many ways; the first episode stands out as having some of the best natural English dialogue in an original version of a show I've ever heard) I still have some more Soul Eater to watch as well, especially when I'm going to be Black Star come con time.
  5. Gonna be Black Star from Soul Eater... commissioning the costume this time around as making a costume last year turned out to be a big debacle.
  6. I'll most likely be getting a costume of Black Star from Soul Eater. Whether I dye my hair or get a wig is still up in the air, as well as the kind of weapon I'll carry, and I'll see what I can do about his shoulder star tattoo.
  7. RavenNinja


    I'm most likely going to have a Black Star costume and I have ways to get pretty much everything I need, mainly through here: http://www.qqcosplay.com/SETR/setrbstblk.html The only question: what weapon form of Tsubaki do I want to use? Oh well, I'll decide...
  8. Just slighty off topic, but since the Orioles will be playing a series this weekend, there will be a plethora of snack vendors on the streets outside Camden Yards. Those of you who don't want to pay the high prices for small chow may want to look into it as they try to price against ballpark prices, which we all know are outrageous.
  9. Not sure what I'm doing early on Friday, but if I don't have to be in the Gaming Hall real early (opens at noon on Friday), I'm going to watch Super GALS! at 9 AM. It's one of my favorites and I want to enjoy it with others. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time looks really interesting, so if there's anything I'm going to try to clear out so I can get to it, I will. Also, I'll hopefully find some people with Magic: the Gathering decks in the game room, because I'm dying to play some. I also may try to hit one of the events at the First Mariner Arena, but it may be hard to get in there and get
  10. I only saw the normal Cartoon Network one, during Total Drama Island of all shows.
  11. I finally saw the Otakon TV ad, during Total Drama Island of all shows, and honestly it didn't look that professional to me. Still happy that there's an ad for the con, but for something this huge I would've liked a bit more quality.
  12. My finishing touches for Otakon in the week prior: - Haircut (been growing it out for months and need it short enough) - Burn DVDs - Get my last pieces for my costume (gloves and a belt) and take base pictures - Buy supplies and snacks - Finish No More Heroes (I'm cosplaying Travis, so it's necessary) - Survive work at two different places and finally... - Pack and go!
  13. My friends and I are going to watch a bunch of movies and stuff Thursday night. The only thing we know we're watching is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but each of us have a mobile video library in some form so we'll have tons to get us amped for working/partying it up/enjoying ourselves at the con. As for the OMG Otakon mode, I've been in that for a while now; getting all the finishing touches on my cosplay, checking out all the stuff that'll be going on, planning essential supplies to bring, and much more. This has been my focus all summer long and it's the closest I'm getting to a vaca
  14. First time doing a genuine cosplay, though it'll probably end up like a bad Halloween costume with my luck. I'm going to do Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. I'll be lurking around the Gaming room most of the time, since It's my staffing section, so get ready for some more-than-likely epic fail in there. I apologize in advance and trust me, I will actually be trying to do the best I can, but it'll still look like crap compared to some the ideas I've already seen.
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