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  1. Place I stayed: Holiday Inn Number of people in room: 1 Hotel Staff: Friendly, but made a mistake in my checkout billing. Walk to Otakon: about a block and a half. The good: Clean, comfortable large rooms. Staff was friendly. The bad: Elevators were slow. Parking was $21 a day. Original roommate could not make it so I had to pay for the room by myself. Room was warm when I checked in. I ended up adjusting the thermostat. I really didn't have any time to spend there, working and enjoying the con. I just used it as a place for sleep. Would I stay there
  2. I spent too much but here goes: Monster Hunter Illustrations Book $53.00 Yoshitoshe ABe Artbook $67.00 Uno Artbook $39.00 Capcom Design Works Artbook $42.00 Udon Hardcover Street Fighter Book $80.00 Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Manga $10.95 Evangelion Zeruel Genki Hat $16.00 Naruto Nine Tails Keychain $5.00 Naruto Tsunade Keychain $5.00 Godzilla Mecha Godzilla Trading Figure $15.00 Godzilla Godzilla 2003 Trading Figure $15.00 Evangelion Rei Tradiing Figure $8.00 Revoltech Fraulein Pocco Figure $25.00 Otakon Luggage Tag $4.00 Otakon Polo Shirt $25.00 S
  3. Between the manhole covers, BCC animation and the crab in Eva Unit #1's mouth, I thought that the animation short was hilarious but also paid a tribute to Baltimore as a longtime home of Otakon.
  4. Enjoy the preparation and anticipation and even the travel. From my experience, once you're at the con, the event goes all too quickly. So savor the moment.
  5. What's the procedure for transferring a hotel reservation to a different party? Does this vary for each hotel? Instead of canceling I would rather give my reservation to an Otakon con-goer. I originally was on a waiting list for the Days Inn and was supposedly 3rd on the list. When they finally called me they said that all the $199 rooms were all taken so they ended up putting me in a room for $229 on Friday and Saturday night. Due to the high cost, I have decided to room with someone else.
  6. I can understand staff members getting priority for the rooms, but that should have been mentioned up front. All this time I thought I was waiting for the $199 Otakon room block. As a matter of fact, I made sure my name was on the waiting list was for that price. I felt I did everything I could to get that price: 1) Calling exactly when reservations opened on the 15th of August, then finding out that they were not taking reservations because the "blocks weren't in the system." 2) Having my name placed #3 on the callback list for the Otakon block. 3) Asking the reservations departm
  7. I also received a call from Days Inn. But talk about sticker shock! Nearly two weeks ago I was placed on a waiting list for the "Otakon Rooms" for $199 a night. I was also able confirm that I was #3 on this list. Now I get this call from Days Inn and they said that those $199 rooms were sold out! They could only offer a $229 room rate! How can these rooms quickly sell out when I was the third person on the list and you could only reserve one room per call? Something is awfully fishy here.......
  8. Since this is the first year the Masquerade is being held in the First Mariner Arena and I am unfamiliar with the layout of the building, I would like to know if there will be section of the building where the photographers can take photos of the contestants after the Masquerade. In the BCC, we were able to take photos out in the lobby.
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