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  1. whaaaaaaat even is this

  2. Sacred_Moon

    :O Otakon group finder

    Let's do this then! Name:Amanda Age:20 Cosplaying As: A pokemon (undecided) and RED Soldier from TF2 Interests: j-rock, learning about metal (as in the music) , animals, art, cosplay, watching anime and reading manga. Hobbies: Gaming, -attempting and failing badly- learning the piano, doodling, writing, UTAU, and -this list is endless- Anything extra: I'm a sucker for TF2 and MGS Creepy cute things: I love them. I'm rather shy and quiet so forgive me if I don't seem too talkative. Dir en Grey, Gojira (both movie and band) and X-Japan = <3
  3. D: Not all of them. Some of them are just plain creepy.

  4. Aww why do you dislike fangirls there such fun