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  1. whaaaaaaat even is this

  2. D: Not all of them. Some of them are just plain creepy.

  3. Aww why do you dislike fangirls there such fun


  4. TwT had to abandon my ginjika this year. TwT not enough time to prepare DX
  5. >w< Pffft XD change of plans for me: Absol~<3 its all about the dark pokemon
  6. ;3 count me in. I'll be going as sneasel
  7. >w< I'm very ecstatic about Mary Elizabeth coming to otakon. She did such a wonderful job on the soundtrack of all the Silent Hills @o@
  8. . . . We are almost half way through this month and the Cherry Blossom festival is coming up soon. . . The prequel to otakon *insert dramatic music here*
  9. Oh man, half way into February already! >w< *counts* SIX MOAR MONTHS!
  10. I'm now wondering but there isn't going to be another Edo sushi meet up is there? I heard last year's event was a fiasco
  11. Oh man i hope to see some good Gorillaz cosplay. good luck
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