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  1. I agree that the Descendants of Darkness anime is very overrated, though I am enjoying the manga a lot more. The show was originally meant to be 26 episodes, but was cut very short and I think it seemed too rushed and not terribly interesting. Not to mention the English voice actors... I think the one show that should have never been created above all is Ichigo 100%. I still have no idea how I got though the whole thing...You can only have a girl accidentally fall on your face so many times before it is no longer funny. They have a total of about 3 jokes that are rehashed a dozen time
  2. My boyfriend and I are planning to drive from Cleveland to D.C. on the 4th, leave from D.C. to Baltimore on the 6th, stay in Baltimore from the 6th-11th, then drive back home XD
  3. I stayed there last year and the rooms were very nice. The walk isn't bad either, it took less than 5 minutes just meandering along. I believe check-out time was 11am last year...but be careful because I arrived about noon on Friday and their parking was completely full aside from the $30/day valet parking. And we checked out Saturday morning and left about 2 am Sunday, they had no problem holding our bags, they even locked up my laptop!
  4. Ehehehe...Got a reservation already. Don't exactly know how she did it, as even the website won't allow people to book reservations yet. I called to check their cancellation policy and she just got me a reservation...XD
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