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  1. I agree that the Descendants of Darkness anime is very overrated, though I am enjoying the manga a lot more. The show was originally meant to be 26 episodes, but was cut very short and I think it seemed too rushed and not terribly interesting. Not to mention the English voice actors...

    I think the one show that should have never been created above all is Ichigo 100%. I still have no idea how I got though the whole thing...You can only have a girl accidentally fall on your face so many times before it is no longer funny. They have a total of about 3 jokes that are rehashed a dozen times each episode, and the quality animation burns my eyes. Not to mention that the plot at the beginning is essentially the plot at the end...nothing happened through the whole show.

    Finally, Tenchi in Tokyo. I enjoyed the other seasons pretty well, but...well this one just all out sucked.

  2. I stayed there last year and the rooms were very nice. The walk isn't bad either, it took less than 5 minutes just meandering along. I believe check-out time was 11am last year...but be careful because I arrived about noon on Friday and their parking was completely full aside from the $30/day valet parking. And we checked out Saturday morning and left about 2 am Sunday, they had no problem holding our bags, they even locked up my laptop!

  3. Ehehehe...Got a reservation already. Don't exactly know how she did it, as even the website won't allow people to book reservations yet. I called to check their cancellation policy and she just got me a reservation...XD

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