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  1. Sorry if I quoted you wrong, can't get those quot tags to work the way I want them. Yeah, he definitely stayed during the 2008 con. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my friend and I swore that we saw him in the masquerade. It was kind of hard to follow what was going on in his skit, but I think in the end he actually proposed to his g/f in the middle of the skit on stage. In line on Thursday, he told me that he didn't camp by himself and that his girlfriend was with him. Anyways, I don't know, I said that I wanted going to go in line early on Thursday this year, but I did have lots of fu
  2. Hey all I remember at Otakon 2008, there was a guy in his military uniform who was first in line for pre reg. I arrived in line on thursday around 3pm and had asked him how long he had been there. He told he that he was there since Midnight on Wednesday. I couldn't possibly imagine that someone would be there since wednesday unless he really meant that he had gotten there early that morning at midnight (technically thursday, but thought it was wednesday) Me? It's too hot outside for me to camp out. I'm sure it's fun hanging out with fellow con goers, but I lack the endurance to do s
  3. Yeah, thanks Madhouse for the Opening Animation!!!!! It was great!! I loved all of the anime references from shows like (sailor moon, pokemon, cowboy bebop!!!) I hope to see the animation again tomorrow!!!
  4. It's so cool that you guys are being more aggressive(it seems that way) on advertising this year. Awwww.... so lucky, I want to see the ad your talking about.... As far as quality, I personally wouldn't care, as long as its purpose is to get the message out. Also I'm assuming that it would probably cost otakon tons more money for a higher quality ad, and honestly if I had to choose between paying more money for a higher quality ad vs. paying more money for the current ad to reach more people, I would choose the latter.
  5. I found out about Otakon on the last day of the convention in 2004(the same year that L'arc came :'( ). I was over my dad's house in Baltimore watching TV with my little sister when my stepmother, who sometimes went to work on Sunday in downtown Baltimore, came busting in. "OMG, I was just downtown and there are so many freaks dressed up in costume down there! Someone told me that it was some kind of Japanese animation thing! Aren't you into that kind of weird stuff? (as she looks at me)" Well at that moment I'm thinking "What the hell is she talking about? I love anime and all but
  6. Hey everyone! Yeah, your also not the only who is trying to be frugal this year with the economy and all. My budget of $350 covers a hotel room walking distance from BBC(splitting with 4 other people), food(cheap ramen bought from the store and the occassional eating out near the harbor), pre-reg discount of $55 and about $170 to spend in dealers room. Since I live near DC I don't have to worry too much about travel costs. That's soooo cool that you don't have to worry about room or food anymore. I guess a great benefit through years of hard work! But then again, it
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