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  1. I'd like to say a HUGE thanx to the kind person who picked up my lost cellphone, then actually answered it, gave me a description of himself and waited at the reg booths so that I could retrieve it. Had I lost it at any other place in Baltimore, on any other day, that would not have happened. Thanks, strangers!
  2. I've been an anime freak for years before my first time, but had never heard of it. My first Otakon was purely accidental. I was actually just walking downtown for the sake of walking[i'm a Baltimoreon], with my b.f.f. We walked past the convention center and started recognizing characters, so we ended up getting one day passes. It was also a sort of exercise in seeing if I could force myself to get through my Social Anxiety, which had been giving me panic attacks. It seems to have worked, because I've been going every year since. I figure the massive crowds were easier to take because
  3. I'm kinda an all around nerd, so I enjoy the sci-fi/western cosplayers as much as the others. Provided the costume is done well, of course. As long as I've been going to Otakon, I've seen all sorts of cosplay, so I always figured it was the Otakon way. There were a TON of Jokers this year. I made it a point to get pictures of as many as possible, including the few in the nurse's outfits. Also, there were what, 3 Doctor Whos? They made my day.
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