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  1. College football is wonderful. Anyone? College football? (Yeah, I know, no one.) My mother uses the word "interesting" entirely too much.
  2. I'm watching Matlock right now. Seriously. Frigging MATLOCK! Someone... just shoot me. Or at least lend me money for a mail-order bride or something. EDIT: Okay, I switched to CNN. I'm better now.
  3. Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Forty years, three kids (of whom I'm the youngest), an almost grotesque level of occupational and domestic stability, and they never lost the humor or got tired of each other--which is quite an achievement because they're both very annoying. Don'chaknow their quirks are why I love 'em, though. Happy anniversary, wolfparents.
  4. Oy, you guys are making me think I should finally get around to watching Fruits Basket... I remember crying at some point in Final Fantasy VII--and no, not the point you're thinking of. The death of Aeris I can take or leave; it comes out of nowhere, it's sloppily directed, and it's wedged into the narrative between ten minutes of snowboarding and that annoying bomb-detonation treasure hunt game. Actually, ashamed as I am to admit it, I cried at the scene in the Temple of the Ancients when Cait Sith sacrifices his toy body so everyone else can escape. I know--I'm a sap. Or rather,
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