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  1. If you had a GPRS/EDGE/3G capable phone or an EVDO card for your laptop and were willing to use your own mobile bandwidth to (near)livestream, I think that would be your own perogative, no? I think the problem Otakorp has is that BCC charges a lot of money for internet access.
  2. I walked through the entire artist alley and I spent most of my time hanging out at the art show... Didin't see your table.... I did see Char350(Jack) and psychoharo - he came by the model contest area where I hung out....
  3. I officially hate everyone who managed to get superclear photos of JAM Project at the concert. *cries because he was too far back for his 3x zoom to get anything good*
  4. Sporting events are fun to attend live even if you aren't particularly interested in the sport in question. Watching world class athletes compete is an awe inspiring experience. Anime fans should be the last group I see not having open opinions and letting their preconceived notions stop them from trying new things.
  5. oh shoot can't remember if I handed in my waiver or not......
  6. Definitly shaking JAM Project's hand and telling Fukuyama how much I loved his music
  7. It's more of an opinion thing, but the mascots don't look happy on the Program at all. Now, I know I wouldn't be happy if I was stuck in Pennsylvania either, but it's not very encouraging when you get your swag bag after registration and pull out a bunch of frowning faces. Doesn't set a good precedent imo.
  8. I lost my voice at that JAM Project concert and I had to do a panel right after, but it was sooooo worth it. My friend, who swore he wouldn't sing along because he didn't want to ruin the concert for the people sitting next to him, couldn't help but be swept up in JAM's energy and lost his voice too. Thanks again for the Express Pass for the Autograph session, even though I had to bug the info desk for three days before getting it. You, Mr Vowles, are a hard man to get in touch with . When I told Fukuyama that I had been a huge fan of Fire Bomber for over a decade, he pratically ripped
  9. Hand sanitizer. Handling money and shaking hands in the artist alley + exhaustion gave me post con flu last year.
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