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  1. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    As I've been watching Dragon Ball Super I wish Otakon would finally get Ryo Horikawa. I know he has been at other conventions but I really want to meet him. Plus Legend of the Galactic Heroes is also finally legally available in the US. But other top Seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi Sakurai Takahiro Sakamoto Maaya (also a great musical guest) There are plenty of other Seiyuu I would be more than happy with too but trying to limit to my choices. As for directors Rie Matsumoto Takahiro Omori Akitaro Daichi Hiroshi Nagahama Morio Asaka Hiroyuki Imaishi Junichi Sato Sayo Yamamoto (and the rest of the Yuri on Ice staff)
  2. Swag!

    Just an Anisong Matsuri T-Shirt. Probably the least I ever spent at Otakon.
  3. Negatives Nothing really ugly for me but while it wasn't a horribly long line I was still sweating by the end of the Saturday morning bag check. It kind of really sucks to have to stand in a long line to get in the convention center when you already have your badge. And if you are in a rush to get to a panel or autograph line this can really mess with your schedule. Luckily the bag check line didn't interfere with me getting into anything I wanted to do this year but I am worried about the future and if the con grows. I did enjoy the Anisong World Matsuri but where I was sitting on Friday (Front section towards the middle. So definitely not VIP seats but not bad seats) had really awful acoustics. Don't get me wrong the concert was a lot of fun but certain songs were really hard to hear. At some points in the concert I could only hear screaming. I never had this problem at any other concert I've attended at Otakon. I also kind of wish Jam Project sang some of their individual songs. But I got to see them do this twice before so this is ultimately a minor thing. Perhaps it's my own time management but I found I did a lot less at this con then at previous cons. I am also sorry I missed getting a Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary shirt. Entirely my own fault though as I didn't get to the dealer room until late on Saturday. I did get an Anisong Matsuri shirt at least. Positives Besides the sound issue I did really enjoy the Friday Night Anisong World Matsuri. This is my 3rd time seeing Jam Project and after missing him twice I finally saw TM Revolution. and he was just wonderful. I loved the last song seeing them perform together on stage that was such a great moment. And it was great to finally hear Heart of Sword live. That was a really special moment for me. I do like the new location. Bigger facilities and so many great options of places to eat. I love that we are right near Chinatown. And on a selfish note my friend lives in DC so I no longer have to pay for a hotel room. Such a huge cost savings is a great benefit. The DC Metro is also very convenient. Line management was very good for popular panels (I am not sure how autographs lines were handled. I am kind of sorry I didn't scout that out this year). I went to In This Corner of the World and the Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary event on Saturday. Getting into each was stress free and they both were excellent. So while I feel I didn't do a lot this year I did highly enjoy what I did end up doing. I loved all the great Japanese food options at the con itself. The seating area and the entire food court is great. And now with the bag checks it's nice that you don't have to leave the con during the day for a good meal.
  4. Food Recommendation Thread!

    The food in the convention center was really good. I love how they had all that great Japanese food. But on Friday my friends and I went to Daikaya (The Izakaya not the Ramen part) And this morning we had brunch at a Belgian cafe call B-Too. We didn't go to the con today but I still think this is pretty close to the convention center. Anyways I would say the food selection is a huge step up from Baltimore. There are tons of choices close by and many places take reservations which helps with crowds. I remember in Baltimore you sometimes had to wait an hour for a meal. And again having actual Japanese food in the convention center was absolutely amazing. And it's not the cheap stuff either but good food that was reasonably priced.
  5. Closing ceremonies and next year's dates?

    From past experience Otakon tends to get better guests when it's in July although maybe that is just a coincidence. I believe the 20th anniversary was in August and that was an incredible year. So I am hoping for a very special Silver Anniversary.
  6. Special Exclusive Screening

    The Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary Panel, Lupin III, and Eureka 7 all scheduled at the same time
  7. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    The person closest without going over gets to take all the guests home with them
  8. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Exactly no one is saying the guests are bad or won't have interesting things to say. But there are a lot of repeat guests and it's not up to the caliber of Otakons in the past. Otakon used to be the 2nd largest con in the US. Now it's the 3rd I believe after Anime Central. I guess people expect a bit more from the big cons. Comparing it to Anime Next doesn't seem fair. In the same way I don't think now it's fair to compare Otakon to Anime Expo which is on a whole other level. I admit the 2 screenings are quite nice this year (although I am only able to go to 1 because the other conflicts with the concert) but quite frankly the other stuff that they have at the con is not worth such a high price for me. It's at every other con & I am not that interested in most of it. Even the Dealer Room (and I definitely do not blame Otakon for this) is not really worth it anymore because 99% of the stuff there you can get way cheaper Online. The marks ups at cons are ridiculous. And while I am looking forward to the Friday concert (didn't do the Saturday concert) it was extra money. Now I certainly don't mind this extra expense but that also has to be factored into how much Otakon costs.
  9. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Well I am jealous of the Yuri on Ice guests at Anime Fest and that is in Texas and only a week after Otakon. Otakon isn't cheap. Everyone knows the staff do their best but I think as paying members we should also be able to say when we are dissatisfied. Now that the con is in DC I can stay with a friend so that does save me the hotel cost but I am beginning to question if this is a must go to con as it was back when I first started going in 2005.
  10. Schedule's up!

    The Friday concert is the same time as the Tamago 2016 screening. Disappointed because that is one of the few things I wanted to do. But I do get why popular things are scheduled against each other. At least I can still see In This Corner of the World on Saturday. That is probably the number 1 thing that interests me. Also the 10th Anniversary Gurren Lagann panel sounds fun (although I do wish Aniplex had brought some Japanese guests) Besides that I guess the schedule is pretty free. A lot of time to check out the convention center and maybe discover something new.
  11. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    I understand that people don't like to hear complaints but I mainly look forward to Otakon for the Japanese guests (and I don't go to any other anime conventions) And note that what you say about the guests eventually coming that is ONLY true for the dub actors who yes do have a tendency to rotate. While it's true that some Japanese guests rotate as well this is not as common an occurrence. Some Japanese guest may come to one con in the US and not come to the US ever again or may not come for another 10 years. And with all the anime cons in the US there is no guarantee they will eventually come to Otakon. So I completely understand why fans would choose one con over another because of guests. Although at least in Otakon's case if you decide to go it's going to have to be before guest announcements when they always announce them so late. So when you register you are somehow doing it on a bit of faith. Though I admit this is just my personal opinion and I get that just because the guest list doesn't appeal to me doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to others. And yes I agree with the move and drop in attendance the last two years they may just be saving money for their 25th anniversary. It does make sense that the bigger names will be saved for next year.
  12. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    As I said I am SURE there are a legitimate reasons I was only arguing against the comment that all Japanese guests that are willing to come here have already come here. There is still a huge pool of potential guests. But of course many may be busy and maybe this year just didn't work out with certain names. That is understandable. And I personally wasn't comparing Otakon to Anime Expo. I've never even been to Anime Expo. Although it's true that Otakon used to compete with Anime Expo those days are long gone. Anime Expo is almost the SDCC of anime cons now. However I will compare Otakon to previous Otakons (I've been going on & off since 2005) and similar sized conventions and I don't think this guest list is up to par this year. I am absolutely sure Otakon does their best I am not questioning that but all the same as I am paying to come I think I can also express misgivings. Who knows maybe they are even saving bigger names for the 25th anniversary.
  13. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    No sorry with all the talent in Japan to say Otakon has already had every single Japanese guest that is willing to come to the US is ridiculous. I am not saying there isn't legitimate reasons that the guest list is a bit lackluster this year (and last) but that is a very poor excuse. And I've been to Otakon many times but only Otakon so it's not like I've been to every anime convention across the US.
  14. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    When it comes to Anime Conventions there are tons of big named guests on the Japanese side that have never come to Otakon or even to the US so you've just been to too many cons doesn't really work for me.
  15. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    I agree Dostovei. So far there aren't really any stand out guests for me. Otakon used to say they like to be the first to bring people over. I am certainly not seeing that this year. *Shrugs* I mean I am looking forward to Jam Project again and I actually missed TM Revolution last time they were here so that's something. I am also really looking forward to the In This Corner of the World Screening. But other than that nothing really excites me. I am just really happy my friend lives in Virginia so I don't have to pay for a hotel room this year.