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  1. I understand that people don't like to hear complaints but I mainly look forward to Otakon for the Japanese guests (and I don't go to any other anime conventions) And note that what you say about the guests eventually coming that is ONLY true for the dub actors who yes do have a tendency to rotate. While it's true that some Japanese guests rotate as well this is not as common an occurrence. Some Japanese guest may come to one con in the US and not come to the US ever again or may not come for another 10 years. And with all the anime cons in the US there is no guarantee they will eventually come to Otakon. So I completely understand why fans would choose one con over another because of guests. Although at least in Otakon's case if you decide to go it's going to have to be before guest announcements when they always announce them so late. So when you register you are somehow doing it on a bit of faith. Though I admit this is just my personal opinion and I get that just because the guest list doesn't appeal to me doesn't mean it doesn't appeal to others. And yes I agree with the move and drop in attendance the last two years they may just be saving money for their 25th anniversary. It does make sense that the bigger names will be saved for next year.
  2. As I said I am SURE there are a legitimate reasons I was only arguing against the comment that all Japanese guests that are willing to come here have already come here. There is still a huge pool of potential guests. But of course many may be busy and maybe this year just didn't work out with certain names. That is understandable. And I personally wasn't comparing Otakon to Anime Expo. I've never even been to Anime Expo. Although it's true that Otakon used to compete with Anime Expo those days are long gone. Anime Expo is almost the SDCC of anime cons now. However I will compare Otakon to previous Otakons (I've been going on & off since 2005) and similar sized conventions and I don't think this guest list is up to par this year. I am absolutely sure Otakon does their best I am not questioning that but all the same as I am paying to come I think I can also express misgivings. Who knows maybe they are even saving bigger names for the 25th anniversary.
  3. No sorry with all the talent in Japan to say Otakon has already had every single Japanese guest that is willing to come to the US is ridiculous. I am not saying there isn't legitimate reasons that the guest list is a bit lackluster this year (and last) but that is a very poor excuse. And I've been to Otakon many times but only Otakon so it's not like I've been to every anime convention across the US.
  4. When it comes to Anime Conventions there are tons of big named guests on the Japanese side that have never come to Otakon or even to the US so you've just been to too many cons doesn't really work for me.
  5. I agree Dostovei. So far there aren't really any stand out guests for me. Otakon used to say they like to be the first to bring people over. I am certainly not seeing that this year. *Shrugs* I mean I am looking forward to Jam Project again and I actually missed TM Revolution last time they were here so that's something. I am also really looking forward to the In This Corner of the World Screening. But other than that nothing really excites me. I am just really happy my friend lives in Virginia so I don't have to pay for a hotel room this year.
  6. Anime Fest is getting the Yuri on Ice guests I hold out hope that we will get some too (from Japan that is) But in general I just hope for some strong Japanese industry guests. It's a bit too late to make requests at this point I think.
  7. Got my 3 tickets to the Friday concert. One friend waited a bit long to confirm so they are on the side but at least it's still in the front section. And I also had issues with the counter when I finally got to the payment page I only had 30 seconds left to finish my order lost those tickets and had to start all over again. But thankfully the 2nd time was the charm.
  8. You have to log into the members area to get the tracking number. It is not going to be emailed to you.
  9. Actually comparing it to last year the lanyard type is the same but the hole in the badge is different. The hole is too small. I ended up giving up and using my Crunchy Roll lanyard which I got at Otakon a couple years ago. It was much easier to put on.
  10. Got mine today, I love the design this year. However the lanyards are the absolute worst. I can't get the badge on and I am terrified I am going to break it trying.
  11. My tracking was finally updated, whew was getting nervous. It sounds like it should be delivered today or tomorrow. But if it is delivered today and I have to sign for it I should be able to pick it up from the PO tomorrow.
  12. I'm in Philly, PA and I just rec'd my notice from the post office, going after work to pick them up. I am in Phila too and I still have no tracking number. I don't know maybe it will be delivered today, although I won't be home to sign for it. I also think the July 4th Holiday excuse is ridiculous.I mailed something to a friend in Michigan through regular mail on July 3rd and she got it Monday.
  13. Still have no badge or tracking number
  14. Well I am not feeling well & taking today off. Maybe I will get lucky and it will be delivered today.
  15. If we don't have to sign that would be fantastic. I am not home to sign & have to go out of my way to pick up packages.