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  1. Let's see, I will be returning as Ed Elric from FMA and debut my Sora from KH! I am definitely mad excited about it!
  2. I would have to agree with the above about the 2 panelists rule. I am rather curious because it really does throw a huge wrench into our operations. Would it be possible to include more than 2 panelists, but just have two "primary" panelists be eligible for a comped or post con refund as stated above? And to be honest, I'm willing to bet that there's going to be some guest panels that will include more than 2 panelists and maybe a moderator as well. I'm not exactly confident that the 2 panelist rule will fly too well within the fan panels community, especially with exceptions that m
  3. Alrighty. Im going to take a stab at this (but its going to focus solely on the bottom). This is of course from my own opinion and suffice to say, i am no expert on every single topic with regards to being "otaku." In my opinion, "J-pop/j-music" in general should probably considered the least otaku-like thing to do. Really, the only two correlations between being otaku and being a j-music fan is the country obviously and the cross-promotional marketing the advertisers for the videogame/anime industry (if even at all). To put it into perspective, being solely a fan of j-music isn
  4. *raises hand* yes i am from berks county lol. if you need help, i can lend a hand.
  5. Speaking of mtv (loosely of course!), how about a good amount of time for current japanese music vids? if there aren't enough resources, ill be more than happy to pitch in!
  6. Place I stayed: Holiday Inn Number of people in room: 5 Hotel Staff: Friendly, but moronic Walk to the con center: Pretty close, about a 2 minute walk. The bad: Friendly, but idiotic staff at reservations. we had an early check in, gave us the wrong room, key cards had issues later in the night. Told we weren't in the system as a result, therefore we had to get everyone who roomed with us to gather at reception until a manager came to alleviate the problem, in which the receptionists didn't know what they were doing. In addition, all my friends that roomed with me had issues with th
  7. lets see... registration: nothing (comped for panel) hotel and transportation: $200 food: $90 dealer's room: $120 (6 dvds) otakon experience: priceless lol total: $310 approx thats not bad for me considering i usually spend up around 5-600
  8. Hey everyone! I'll be hosting and moderating the J-Pop 101/J-Music 101 panel! Just to clarify, for those of you who are wondering whats up with the title of the first panel, it was due to an unforeseen circumstance of miscommunication. In the event planner, the panel reads as J-Music 101, while the PDF and the booklet will read J-Pop 101, therefore to clear up any confusion, these are one in the same panel, run by the same people, but with different titles. lol. In addition, as stated above, all three of us will be teaming up to help bring the joy of Japanese music together. E
  9. im not a big fan of cash, so i only have it with me when i need it. i usually carry my wachovia check card and an extra credit for emergency purposes. if i do need cash, ill find an atm somewhere. 95% card, 5% cash
  10. Thanks Meredith! This June (the 19th - July 3rd) my buddies and I are going to Tokyo and maybe some other places around the area for about two weeks. There is no doubt that we are seriously excited about this dream vacation. It's going to be their first and its going to be my second time around. We have done a lot of research on this trip and have all the documents (which is basically a passport) ready to go! I was able to snag a pretty decent deal off the Air Canada site for a round trip of $950 from outta Philly International. Considering its during peak season and rising fuel cost
  11. Last year, our group met up with another group from NY and went to some spanish cuisine place near the edo restaurant. We didn't really have too much of a choice because the Edo was always packed to the max. lol. Aside from that, we pretty hung out, chilled and planned what we were gonna do for the next day when the con started. I always loved Thursday night activities because I saw it as like pregaming for the big event. The year before, we ended up going to Maggie's Irish Pub and ended up playing some Texas holdem with some Yankees fans that were in town and the locals. That was definit
  12. I guess its always that time of year to start planning out the proposals and preparations for these panels coming up for otakon! Might as well start now before its too late! Already I have a few ideas rolling around in my head, and therefore, id figure id share my thoughts and stuff! First idea is that I would like to bring back my introductory jpop panel (Jpop 101). Hopefully this time around, im looking for a 2 hour slot instead of one. I really liked this panel from last year because the presentation focused a lot on theory and discussion of jpop and ourselves. However, this time aroun
  13. a little heads up, i just booked a room at the brookshire suites for 2 at a rate of 197.10 plus AAA. apparently, no one has taken advantage of the availability of it yet. http://www.harbormagic.com/Brookshire/brookshire_default.asp the location of it, is just a couple blocks across from the inner harbour itself near edo sushi. http://www.otakon.com/images_content/location_map.jpg i wasnt necessarily planning on staying there, but after one of my friends effed up trying to reserve a place at the marriot, i had to find alternatives quickly. lol.
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