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  1. Yeah...we got a notice about lack of signature but they left it in the box anyway.
  2. Man, I really hope they get that figured out for you, and catch whoever took the other badge. It's odd that they'd open it up and take just one--kind of makes me wonder if it's not someone that was planning to actually use it to go to the con, instead of selling it (otherwise, why only steal one? and why open that specific package, unless they noticed it was from Otakorp and guessed what was in it?). Maybe this is a long shot, but does Otakorp have any way of matching badges to attendees? Like, are the names on the pre-mailed badges already printed on the badges, or do they just have a bla
  3. Cowboy Bebop...yeah I've never watched it until now. Also currently following Axis Powers Hetalia and K-ON!
  4. I'm sure most people are up for a meetup. But I think it's a little early to figure out the details. We don't know when the main showings/the relevant panels are yet.
  5. Me, the husband and barring anything crazy, the three girls we roomed with last week and an old friend from high school. But since we all have our own individual agendas at the con we may not aways be spending time together during the day.
  6. I guess so. I already have the idea formed in my mind. I'm just waiting for the DVDs I ordered to come in the mail so I can start getting my hands dirty. In the meantime I've been listening to the song a LOT.
  7. My girlfriend and I got one each as a sort of Sunday last-minute thing, hoping to discover some new, maybe obscure series. Although there were some interesting things (which have spurred a bit of exploration), I'd say they were not worth what we paid -- I'm no authority, but it seemed largely like stuff the vendors knew wasn't likely to sell off the shelf. A slightly broken wall hanging, a pre-opened action figure, vol. 23 of some graphic novel.... Has this been others' experience with grab bags? That said, if I could read Japanese decently enough, I'd guess the other one of the grab bags
  8. I wouldn't be as depressed if I was going to Anime Weekend Atlanta....but I'm not. Unfortunately Otakon was my last con of 08. I have nothing until Anime NEXT '09. But I do get a little down when "my" con season ends. Otakon (and AWA when I do eventually go) is the only chance I get to meet up with certain people. One of them (besides me) is getting married in a few months so it's not so bad. I'll get to see a lot of the group at the wedding. But the hotel is booked for next year already. I started cooking up my Otakon AMV for next year. I can't stop talking cosplay ideas wi
  9. The lower rate definitely! Conventions are such a big part of our summer, we schedule the rest of summer around them. We have a pretty good idea how to plan things out now. Last year we booked a room as soon as Otakon '07 ended. We didn't bother waiting for the con rate. We just wanted a place to stay the following year. Then half our group dropped out a few months later. But it all worked out because I had a friend who said she had a miserable lodging experience at the last con. We offered her and her friend the space, she took it, and we had a total blast. We're already plan
  10. Definitely going to the Death Note - Loveless crossover again with my fi...wait...he'll actually be my husband by then. If all goes to plan we'll also spend a day as musical "villians" (and I use the term "villians" as loosely as possible). I'll be dressing as Amiboshi from "Fushigi Yuugi" (Suzaku Summoning Ceremony outfit). He'll be going as Midvalley the Horn Freak from "Trigun" (a manga-anime hybrid).
  11. Yesterday we had booked a room at the Hyatt outside of the con block. We really wanted to stay at the Days again for the location and cheaper price but when they weren't accepting reservations online we panicked and jumped on the first thing we could find just so we'd KNOW we'd have a place to stay. Thank goodness the Days wasn't filled up after all. That con rate is AMAZING! O_O Even more so considering my AAA rate outside the con block was cheaper than the con rate this year. My fellow roomies are going to be so happy.
  12. Cat ears A couple of wall scrolls (Death Note, Spiral and Fruits Basket) Kingdom Hearts I and II Final Mix (my goal for Dealer's Room) I wanted to buy a NERV shoulder bag but I waited until Sunday to shop and all the stands were out of them. Nothing from Artist Alley but I did take a few cards. I plan to comission somthing but circumstances prevented me from doing so at the con. I'm dying to know who bought my crocheted DDR pillows at the Art Auction. As a total newb to the Arts aspect at cons, thank you so much! You made my day.
  13. This doesn't really as a Loveless cosplay but it is a Loveless crossover. My fiance and I will be dressing up as "Team Justice" on Friday. (a.k.a. catboy Light and L with handcuffs) We'd love to take pics with other Loveless teams if we run into each other.
  14. My first Otakon was 2003, the same summer I started dating my fiance.His dad had decided to make a family trip out of it because all the kids are into that stuff. His dad was very nice to extend the invitation to me as well. (Even though we had been dating just a short time, we've been pretty good friends for years beforehand and I knew the family pretty well.) Sooo much fun! The family went again in 2004 and invited me along for the ride. But after that, it stopped and I haven't gone back since. My family isn't really into anime and traveling alone with my bf at the time was an issue be
  15. Normally I don't get bothered by internet slang but there is one word that just ticks me off like nothing else. "pls" "Thx" bothers me too but "pls" makes me want to slap you...hard (unless you are clearly being sarcastic). I even see it used in professional emails at work from our clients. Drives me nuts! I wanna rip my hair out just looking at it in my own post.
  16. By next year's summer con season I'll be married. No kids are in the picture right now but we know they will be someday. I'd love to have a fun otaku family...make costumes for everyone...start our own Rock Band. I was born into a Disney family. So far I've been to Disney World more times then I've been to anime cons. Actually...I still am a big Disney fan even though that was sort of like my gateway drug into anime. I've been guiding my little sister into anime as well. I know what she can and can't watch without upsetting our mother. I took her to her first con as a graduation gi
  17. Sometimes it really is where you least expect it... When I was in high school there was this really geeky boy...seriously...the glasses, the hair, the "I look like I skipped 3 grades" face...everything except the pocket protector. My initial thoughts was that he was a condescending academic type. If my 24 year old self could go back in time to my 14 year old self to tell her I was going to marry him someday, I would have laughed in her face. I never would have believed it. I like geeks...I tend to be more laid back and have more fun around them. But this guy was just eccentric. Whil
  18. Normally I just get manga but this time I'm going to splurge a bit. -Kingdom Hearts I or II Final Mix -Wall scrolls (getting our own place...gotta get something for the walls) -An Ahiru plushie (in duck form) -Cat ears -Not in the Dealer's Room but I want to get a portrait of my fiance and I drawn anime style from the artist alley. -The DVDs I need to finish Cowboy Bebop -Witch Hunter Robin Vol. 2 -Probably some geeky T-shirt And more manga.
  19. I don't watch a lot of AMVs but if I'm looking for something in particular, I'd still go to the Org. It has a better search feature and YouTube makes everything look like a bad WMM export. In a way...YouTube may actually be part of the quality problem. I can't say "OMG AMVs these days suck!" because I HAVE seen good ones come out every year. But I do have to agree there seem to be a lot more bad ones. I think maybe AMVs have taken a turn towards instant gratification. Here's my footage. Here's my audio. Here are my effects. Give me a few hours and BAM! Here's my AMV! Wanna see i
  20. Working on pieces for the Art Show. My big piece isn't going to be done on time so I'm temporarily dropping it to work on some small pieces just so I can have something there. Not much left to do in the costume department since those were completed for an earlier con. Been watching some titles I hadn't seen before. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the AMV finalists to be announced. I feel really good about my chances because my category had the least number of entries and all of them might be in but I have my fingers crossed for a few friends in the category with the most. Not rea
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