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  1. Another Light/L duo. I don't do cosplay but I think this year I finally got bitten by the costuming bug. After seeing how much fun the fiance had being L last year, I got jealous and wanted to get in on it...at least for one day. So we're going to team up at Otakon this year. No suit and/or red tie though. I'll be wearing the outfit from the scene with their fistfight. I recently finished a Shigure Sohma costume for my fiance for AnimeNEXT (first time I sewed clothing of any kind). He'll probably be wearing that to Otakon too. I'm too busy with other things to make something el
  2. I'm working on a Shigure Sohma costume for my fiance. He'll be wearing that either Saturday or Friday... I'm not really into dressing up...and I admit it's because I'm really self-conscious. But after he had some success dressing as L last year, I joked around about how next year I should be Light (after losing his memories) and we can spend the day handcuffed to each other. It started off as a joke but now I'm seriously thinking about it. It'd be pretty easy to put it together. I already own all of the pieces except the shoes. But it's really more for laughs than serious
  3. I'm traveling with my fiance and we're rooming with a good online friend and two of her closest friends. I'm really excited to finally be able to meet her in person.
  4. I'm probably going to wait a bit until the line starts moving and the first big wave has died down. I'm meeting/rooming with an online friend that I've known for years for the first time at Otakon. If she shows up on Thursday, I'm sure we're going to be spending a good deal of time talking and getting settled in the room....maybe go out and grab some dinner. Whether she arrives on Thursday or not, my fiance and I would have finished a car trip that lasted several hours. We could use the rest. If nothing else, I bought this HUGE graphic novel called "Bone" (not a manga). I rea
  5. I didn't find love at a con. For me it was more like finally dating a best friend from high school. But my fiance and I were considering attending a good-sized anime con as part of our honeymoon. But there's nothing along the east coast that time of year.
  6. Even though it's so large, I think Otakon is a great first contest. I've had vids in the main contest and in the overflow but I've never attended Otakon and had a vid in the main contest in the same year. When I attend, it's in the overflow. (Hopefully this will be the year I change that. It's been a while since I've gone and I'm better than I was. *crosses fingers*) Even if your video is shown on the overflow tapes, those rooms have been PACKED in previous years. So you still get to experience things like seeing your video on a big screen and audience reaction without the added pres
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