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  1. This is going to be my third time attending Otakon... and while I have made friends, that I'll enjoy seeing at Otakon.. I think this is going to be a solo thing again this year. I was with a friend my first year, but her reasoning on going to Otakon again depends on the guest. Second year, I had my reasons to attend, plus Jam Project was last year... I made friends with various travel companions and roommates... I assume this year, like last year that one of my friend is going to be driving down to Otakon.. crossing my fingers that his car doesn't die on him...so I will hitch a ride with
  2. I also hate to be a cynic.. but if Batlimore wants to get the con attendees awareness of their city, and I do love Baltimore... they have to close later than 6pm or 8-9pm.. because once you're at Otakon.. and this is my experience.. you stay there the entire time.. so then how it is it that you get to experience things after hours or the rest of Baltimore? Con going is pretty exhausting.. and I am pretty skeptical, since I am a big user of public transit as well..
  3. Thanks! In my post con depression. I was able to book a room at the Radisson, on Monday. Man was I surprised.
  4. I'd rather not think about it... had post con depression and my budget went out the window.. so need to save up. Depends also on the guests next year. I did pre reg tho.. so that's good...
  5. Well I'll be either talking with people, random taking pictures of cosplayers who pass by and I gotta snag their pictures.. or playing on my DS or PSP... wishing my friends didn't drop out at the last minute and/or cursing out the length of the line/ or semi-whining is the line moving yet and are we there yet? Also wondering if I'll be exhausted from sleep deprivation or not.
  6. Actually it turns out I'll be solo... my friend dropped out at the last minute.. will be walking around attending scheduled events or roaming around playing cosplay photographer. Will be making notes from the events to do a con report. I do know friends, so I will be hanging with them at some events.. so say hi.. because I am certain I'll be bouncing all over the place.
  7. What am I doing now... from this period until Otakon.. Waiting is something. Working Going to summer school. Mediate and doing an internet getting to know you in my hotel group. I reserved the room. Arrange and planning the ride down to Otakon... am having three cheap tickets I reserved and cannot get a refund on, so trying to sell that. My friend is driving down at the last minute, so I hitched a ride with him. Trying to save money.... Planning outfits (pseudo-cosplay outfits to wear..) Got these great J-list shirts... want to show off. Playing video games... Corresponding wi
  8. Well I know that I am going with one of my good friends. Originally another of my friends was coming. She came with me to Otakon last year, but this year she decided to pass and so I am going with another of my friends. Still trying to see if I can bug a co-worker or friend to come along. We'll be traveling from NYC and this is my second Otakon, while this is my friend's first Otakon. I remember making friends randomly online last year while waiting for signarture from seiyuu's...
  9. Well I went with my friend by Greyhound and then caught the bus to the convention center for this year's Otakon... then walked to hotel after picking up out badges. Then left by taxi to the bus station. Probably do the same thing this upcoming year, unless get a ride from a classmate, who I discover also goes to Otakon.
  10. I actually wasn't that impressed by the dealers room. I like the flat rate deals though. My friend and I are from NYC, so many of the things at the Dealers room we kinda see at the city already...
  11. Wahhh.. I'm getting pretty disappointed. I called three hotels and two of them, Days Inn and Radisson said they were sold out already and the third, Holiday Inn said I had to call in the morning. I would really love to go again to Otakon. I just went this year for my first time..so I hope that in the morning.. things will look better.
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