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  1. Take that up with the people that reserve the slots. Personally, I want to hear less Portal.
  2. Yes I should add - a big thanks to all of Otakon staff for a great con this year, and I'm sure next year's will be awesome as well!
  3. I can't seem to find any openings - perhaps because I am trying to reserve for check in Thursday/check out Monday? I tried for Friday/Sun and got three expensive options. Is everything booked already? @_@
  4. So glad I got to see it twice - Opening and Closing ceremonies. xD Full of Awesome and Win.
  5. Not like you need another Gendo Ikari, but as I will be playing him in the Masquerade on Saturday, I will be cosplaying him during the day. Ghetto cosplay, but hey, it's a labour of love. =0
  6. O.K., because of the turbulent nature of the Otakon schedule (not complaining, just being realistic) it's difficult to set up times before actually being handed a paper schedule at the con. We will hopefully have internet access in our hotel room. If you want to schedule a time, PM me in the next day or two. Sunday after the con is, of course, perfect, if you don't mind sticking around in costume. Otherwise, if you happen to see me walking around, please stop me and let me know you'd like to be interviewed. I will either be in street clothes or (probably just Saturday) cosplaying
  7. HOLY CRAP YES. I already know the song, we actually do it occasionally with my band if we get a singer who knows the words. I call keyboards. Who wants to sing? Now I just need to get my friend to come and bring his talkbox to get the voice right... (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) -Dom
  8. Any horn players here? We could do some jazz jamming. Tank! is an obvious cover, but I'd like to just groove and jam and trade 8's with some cool cats. =0
  9. I used to looooove Voltron back in the day - I had a cubic crapton of the toys... it might be nostalgic to see it again. I haven't seen Saber Rider, but it looks pretty sweet. I'll try to stop in! =)
  10. Sorry to hear about you ladies getting heckled. I don't understand that, myself. If I do see a particularly beautiful or cute cosplayer/lolita/etc, the most I would do would be maybe give them a (hopefully non-creepy... doesn't help if I'm cosplaying Gendo... heh) smile, or maybe ask for a picture and/or compliment them. I hope that kind of behaviour isn't aggravating (I could see it get annoying if it happened over and over)... Re: Jeebus cosplayers - hilarious! My favourite I've seen thus far has been The Buddy Christ, from Dogma.
  11. - Need to get a haircut (hopefully tonight, to give it a few days to grow in) so my Gendo isn't all shaggy. - Still waiting to get my melodica in the mail... need to practice "Angel's Cruel Thesis" on it. =0 - Must purchase large quantities of Red Bull and other caffeinated beverages so I don't crash the car and kill myself and my friends. - Hounding my friends to get their share of the cash into my hand on the day of departure so I can pay for the hotel without bringing my checking account into negative monies. - Watching anime to psych myself up!
  12. I'm super stoked! I didn't make it to Opening Ceremonies last year, but I wouldn't miss it for the world this year!
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