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  1. Hi! It's because we have jobs to go to, for one thing. Some of us take an extra day of vacation already to take care of the last little things on Monday that can't be done by the regular staff. Some start on Wednesday or earlier. I start on Thursday morning. Many of our staff leave after tear down to go home so they can go back to work on Monday. We come from many states, some of our staff have to get on a plane to go home, some drive for hours. And having been at the BCC at 10:30 p.m. closing it down (that was 20020, and that was when we closed at 3 p.m. (our closing time
  2. ;-; i missed the one piece photo shoot. I was only about 20-30mins later than the time and for some reason most of the pirates had already vanished.. so sad my fiancee and i were Luffy and Shanks (respectively).
  3. Dude, "Kimba the White Lion" FTW! seriously the man that made that serious should be honored in your eyes! for with out him (Osamu Tezuka), there would be no anime!
  4. so yeah.. it seems that the prices of cons everywhere in general are going up but for some reason the time duration is going down.... 3pm for end of con? what's with that? I can easily see 5pm... but 3pm was really really early for a con to end.. any reason why?
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