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  1. -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Delaney. But a lot of people use Aya as well. I started using that because some people couldn't pronounce Delaney. Age:: 19. >< Male or Female:: Female. But I'll be male (to the best of my extent... but i'm not good at all at it) for the convention during the day. Do you need sleep at a con? Yes and no... it depends on if I want to bother spending money for Cherry Pepsi or not. Drink or smoke:: ...... I haven't yet at Otakon, Non Tell us about yourself:: 3rd Otakon. and i've been to more other anime convention
  2. I am meaning in my experiences and the experiences of those I know. (btw, no idea how to delete message to fit this in one post nor how edit a message, if there even IS a way) But nothing kills a dance faster than too much light. Especially white light.
  3. the darker it gets the more that problem is going to happen
  4. I have never been on the thursday line before, but this year I have a hotel for thursday night in preparation. So I guess I WILL be on this line. I'll get there for the late morning or afternoon. I hope to have a good time in line. Bored Otaku do it best and all that. I know I'm usually up for anything and hate doing nothing. If I DO end up on this Line o' Doom, I hope people will talk to me. >_< Even though I will be with a group already, I love to meet new people.
  5. Would you be able to have it dark in these rooms? More space would be REALLY good though. It gets so hot and I know some of my friends didn't even want to try and go because of how close it is. Also, one of my friends might have had some unwanted attention which was unavoidable because it was that close. (and now it's hard to get them to try to go at all) So would be glad to see a change. It can't really make anything much worse but there is a possibility for improvement.
  6. Not going into the issue of company copyrights and author rights, how much does the actual building charge for videotaping? I've been wondering that. And how much does it cost if you want to redistribute a recording? How much do you have to pay those who own the facilities?
  7. I would actually. I happen to be arriving to Otakon on Thursday this year for the first time. I think that would be quite amusing. And entertaining. If this does happen, can we have team chants....?
  8. I'm going to get a job this summer for reason of going to otakon and doing anything that costs money this summer.
  9. Baccano! Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion Crayon Shin-chan Maria Watches Over Us those are all licensed and able to actually be shown right?
  10. Well, this year any and all plans I made for the con seemed to manage to go to hell in a handbasket. ^___^ absolutely ALL! At the very least they had to be rescheduled by a day. @__@ Did this happen to anyone else? I can't believe i'm saying it... but there was TOO much excitement this Otakon. o____O any interesting or really odd things happen to you this year?
  11. mmm, I thought it was one of the 4chan guys who did it last year. no idea about this year. I'm really happy it came back though. but really there's no reason to worry. it's just tape, and there's a metal stair ladder just to the right (when looking at the word). It's not hard to get down at all. ;p actually I wonder why more people havn't tried to go up there and do things...
  12. but... how good do you really have to be to keep anyones attention? ;____;
  13. so far, free breakfast from hotel! YAH! which means FREE PART OF LUNCH! hmm.... so about $60 or so for food then.... and, $412 for shopping so far! YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING! Free room. ^__^ Free ride. (from friend) Oh, and free 3 day pass! YAHHHHH!
  14. Well since I can't seem to figure out how to edit my posts. (A tradgedy. I know.) I suspect now that the concert on friday starts at 8pm, thus leaving 2:30pm as an UTTERLY acceptable time. So, Looking for a confermation on that. oh and msn for me would be neptunestrings@yahoo.com and kuramasan13 for aim. I do want to arrange this in greater depth... It just wouldn't do to have JUST a normal picture shoot... this is a FURUBA pictures shoot.
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