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  1. This may or may not be you... but here ya go. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/Chii...08/DSCI1051.jpg
  2. i was a nurse joker....the shortest one there. havent found any pictures, any would be appreciated, thanks ^-^
  3. there will be people already in line from early in the morning thursday - like 2-3am
  4. this is gunna be my first year cosplaying and im kinda nervous. im gunna be a Silent Hill nurse. i promise it's going to be really good, not some of the awkward ones like last year . and haha i'll be going with a group of totally different people, we're going to look funny walking together.
  5. me and friends are getting up REALLY early like say 4? to put on our cosplay and then carpooling to the city. which only takes a couple of mins. but we like to be realy early for the lines, ya know?
  6. I live in Baltimore and most of the mean business CEO's think its a neusance. But my mom and her co-workers think its entertaining when they walk to lunch to see everybody. I personally think all the busniess people need to lighten up but anyway all the resaurants and shops love it because they get so much busniess [especially the harbor place.] Most of the con go-ers walk across the skywalk that leads into the harbor place. Be prepared because theres is a huge lunch rush of business people and otaku >.<" but i'll keep you guys posted of new tasty eateries that have opened up.
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