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  1. I try really hard not to spend any money at all...because once I start I find it hard to stop ("O...well it's only $20 more....." 30 times...ugh). In the end I usually end up spending $400-500 and owing my friend $150 or so. Anyway, there's a bunch of stuff $50 for food $60 for the train home (we get a ride down, yay freeness!) $160 for the hotel room $400 or so for Dealers, and maybe Alley if I end up there $30 for another bag to haul back all the stuff I bought from the Dealers $700 total
  2. I'd love to see Lucky Star or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, though I'd have a hard time choosing which. Would I be allowed to get one of each...just to have them both? *sigh*
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