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  1. if this is the miroku i think it is...the one i felt up....( i was the zexion in the semi-kingdom hearts group)....then there is a smidgeon of you dancing in this video i unfortunately cannot find any pics or videos of me either, even though many were taken. T__T
  2. i was the only male zexion...dark blue wig...lexicon...robe...all the goods......so many pics and vids of me dancing were taken...but ive yet to find any....
  3. so i totally procrastinated and only have two weeks left... i guess i could throw a zabuza together....teh blade would give me crap, but his outfit would be easy....almost too easy...as if im asking to get flamed when i go. lol im not sure how im going to do the blade...id make it basely out of wood and plaster it with something, then paint it, but i dont want to lug a 8 puond peice of wood around for 3 days.... obviously, im a newb at this....any suggestions?
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