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  1. Considering how much electronic music samples live instruments, I find this complaint dubious at best.
  2. otherwise, hope that the Hilton is open before Otakon. It will have Skywalk access too.
  3. Otakon room blocks tend to sell out faster and faster every year. Days Inn, Sheraton and Hyatt Regency are among the first to sell out the fastest. I think Days Inn sold within 45 minutes of Otakon 2008's date announcement. Last year I had a room in the Holiday Inn but about 5 weeks before con I saw on Hyatts website that they were offering this special summer deal that had rooms for $250 a night including parking and breakfast. An amazing deal considering parking is around $20-$30 a night depending on the lot. What most people don't know is that the Otakon room blocks are reser
  4. Otakon 2007's rave was a challenge Friday Night was a blast, I was up all night from the start of it till the end. Saturday Night I left the rave about 2 hours in.. saxophones do not belong in raid music. you may say "why didn't you go into the back room?" ... well... the big room has a more open atmosphere. The ravers circles are always awsome. if I was to give an improvement for 2008 I would say rave/anime type music through the night. There were a few mixes of anime tracks during friday night but that was all I heard.
  5. last year on Thursday I hit Edo's Sushi in the harbor with a bunch of congoers. We all paid for our own meals but it was cool to have a table with 20 people sitting at it before con even started.
  6. to see all those anime lovers converge and take over a city for three days and two nights... (more if you stay on Thursday).
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