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  1. Light_kun

    :O Otakon group finder

    Name: Connor Jacob Age: will be 17 by otakon Cosplaying As: South Italy, Hetalia Interests: oh lord. Art, anime, cosplay, fashion, modeling, blogging, photography, singing, dancing, adventure, fun, hugs, people. Hobbies: All mentioned above. Anything extra: I'm in need of a male Germany that's not afraid of yaoi fan service |: thats right. I said it. also, other hetalia cosplayers are welcome.! GRELL. UGHNJRGBRINGEG. brb, idolizing.
  2. I might have seen you :D

  3. I think I saw you then. Maybe you saw me, I was a lolita with a really big bow on my head and I was with an AntiSora and PaRappa Da Rappa....

  4. :/ you look so familiar... Did you go to Tigercon?