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  1. I might have seen you :D

  2. frhjdfiuviev This isin't fairr. I was plaining on going as kyon again, (since most of otakon knows me as the kid dressed as kyon dansing throughout the convention last year) but insted im being something different. Ill still come and watch if I have time :3
  3. My main concern at this point in time is getting information on the air circulation in the proposed sites. I've noticed the past two years that I've gone to otakon, that the air in the current rave rooms is thick, hot and suffocating. If the proposed sites have improved air circulation, they I am for the move. If not, stay put. The current location seems decent and so/so size wise. Another good question, allot of people will be attending the rave, that's for sure, and of course jumping up and down. Are the two proposed sites above any floors? If so, will the rooms be able to accommodate the
  4. I bet people remeber meeee~ http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s15/Sta...808_0205b-1.jpg Cept I dont rly look liek that anymore o.o
  5. My group is amazin' http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s15/Sta...81eff0808c0.jpg Hannah Anastasia. http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s15/Sta...7c1ac14e29a.jpg Rizzie Stardust. http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s15/Sta...9c5e564815a.jpg Jaclyn is a CULT http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s15/Sta...17/bnjtkwro.jpg And myself!
  6. nah, I have over 200 saved up, and my birthday is a week before, so I'm all set ;D
  7. Oh, god. There's allot to do for me. I have to prepare four different costumes, along with four different day plans with various different people. For 2007 and 2008, I was pretty much stuck around taking pictures of things and having pictures taken of me. (especially when I danced for hours on end to Caramell Dansen and the hare hare yukai D: ) For 2009, I'm still probably going to end up carrying around my I-pod rick-rolling people or playing music and dancing :3 Also, I'm really excited because My friend Rizzie Stardust is Going to be with me the whole day Saturday and Dressing wi
  8. Hahahahahahahah. Mines Really funny. My mother never bothered to give me any money to get anything at otakon, so I was stuck with only 50$ for every single day. And I used that money to Only get food. But my ride and Hotel room was free so thats good for me. but only 50 dollars and on food. ( -.-);; pleh. But I still had an amazing time!
  9. IM going at 7:45 am O.< BEAT THAT CHUCK NORRIS >D
  10. I look forward to pocky eating ( ._.) OH and the hare hare yukai dances on friday and saturday itss gon be funnnn
  11. Omgggg :] I saw the cartoon network one, and laughed out of amazement at it. It was so amazing. Now, i can't wait until the adult swim one. haa :]
  12. I'm all Cash. And don't even try getting it from me. I have compartments on me ;]]] But I cant even have a card so yeah ( ._.);
  13. Hungahhh!!! D: WHY WHYY MUST I BE IN OCEAN CITY. WHYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ... -cough- escoose me.. D: I am SO lucky i live in baltimore. sucks that none else and see it :[ HAAA I CANNNNN <33 Im exicitamapated. UGH. MOM. I NEED TO BE BACK IN BALTIMORE, NAO.
  14. In 2005 and 2006, i was only 11 and twelve years old. Around this time is when I started watching and discovering anime. I heard from my mom who happens to work directly across the street from the pratt street entrance that every year she saw "these really weird people with awkward costumes and big hair" walking around the city and convention center. I immediately knew it was about anime. I live right outside of city limits and close enough to 83 to get a quick ride down town. In 2006, I tried asking my mom to take me for the first time but I was stuck in ocean city and was unable to go. I don
  15. This is my second year at otakon, and ill be cosplay as kyon on friday this year. My group will have most of the characters and everyone knows the Hare hare yukai. If you happen to see us, ask us to do the dance for you! we'll be happy to :] I'll post a picture of me in my costume so you know what I look like as soon as my ordered costume comes in. Also, on Saturday ill be cosplay as a j-rocker, I'm not quite sure which one but I will be :] and Sunday, Raito Yagami From Death Note :] Thursday, I'll just be dressing really amazing like. look out for me! :]
  16. I shall break out my i pod and randomly start singing amazing j-rock songs! naa. :] Ds pictochating is always fun. Chatting and randomly dancing with friends is even more fun. Also Trying to meet new people. Hmm, this year is going to be great :]
  17. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh 8D!! I'm so happy. I got a hotel at the "Sheraton Inner harbor center" thing, And their rooms are amazing. I get to stay for free, two nights, Friday and Saturday because my friend is Jesus. Man, It's going to be amazing. gahh. And I love how I get to not drive BACK UP TO PIKESVILLE AT TWO AM IN THE MORNING, MOM. -cough- sorry. So yay! 8D
  18. hahahahahahha. I so just laughed, and hard. oh lord XD Well some of the parents I have talked too say it's cute. But I bet some local residences think were insane japananana nerds XD But non the less, Were only goign to have more fun on their scared-ness. especially the old people >3
  19. Because i'm a nice person, and I don't like conflict, i am now re-locating my hare hare yukai dance to the SKY WALK area near the Baltimore convention center. The dance will be held at 2:30 PM on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Please come and join us! The dances group name is now called: Dancing in the streets! Para Para in Baltimore! The dances include:Hare Hare Yukai (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Ending Version - 1 minute) Hare Hare Yukai (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Extended Version - 3 minutes) If the weather is bad that day, the dance will be held at the fountains near the two
  20. SO, my mind has officially been set! I will be a j-rocker ( prolly one i just make up, or to look like one :] )thats for friday and or Saturday then idk if not Saturday a j-rocker then probably ill be light or some thing of my design. Then sunday Light-kun :]
  21. D: I dis-like the lucky star dancee. D: So. Just hhy. Okay, so if the poll is correct with the number of people (most likely not) I think i have about 19-25 people doing the dance. Okay so were going to do it Saturday, august 9th outside the bcc near the Sheraton hotel. And If you want we could also do one friday or sunday, just post if you want to. kthx.
  22. Dear Ametatsu, Of Course you can join even if your not dressed as Haruhi XD Also, I was thinking for the long dance, that we'd just do a big random-ass dance that had no orginization or grouping that you might see on youtube or something.. But for the short one, we would get into groups and do it like the video. I'd like the big random one cause that way i could still be kyon and not have to wait till the chorus to dance, cause its just a big mob dance XD. But we'll think of something. :]
  23. Ahahah I found it amusing when my friend came up to me in school and just started dancing the hare hare yukai. I broke out laughing and the teacher yelled at me, but let her keep dancing. I still kept laughing and she kicked me XD She was badd.
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