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  1. Dancing to the decadent dance.

  2. I had a weird con dream this afternoon: It was the Thursday of pre reg pick up. I was up, packed, and ready to head out of the door, when my aunt told me that I needed to finish some chores before I could leave. I know that I had already cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and straightened the rest of the house (don't want to come home to a messy place) so I asked what needed to be done. She guided me to the back yard and informed me that I needed to milk the cows and feed the horses - which I thought was odd since we live in the middle of Baltimore City - but I shrugged and began to toss hay
  3. Your avi... is that from the manga Pink?

  4. I'm defintely am wearing what I call my "conceptual kimono". I'm not the normal size or shape to pull off a traditional kimono, so I'm doing it with twist. My "maybe" cosplay if done in time will be Inori from "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de". Alot of work and a lot of red for me.
  5. I am quite disturbed that the Oxy Clean / Orange Glow spokeman is also selling vitamins to help with lack of energy and life insurance policies all from the same company...either he's plotting something or business is rough at the moment.
  6. My friends and I used to get together on weekends and have video game and anime marathons. I always thought it would be cool if there was a place where people like us could get together with others and have as much fun as our small group did (I knew nothing of anime clubs or conventions outside of Star Trekk at this point). So one day in 1999, while my constant Otakon buddy and I were reading the paper, she came across an article about this anime convention that was coming to Baltimore, we made plans to attend but kind of forgot about it until the weekend that Otakon actually happened. We mana
  7. Since I check in on Thursday, I'll already be unpacked and have my badge but with so many room mates (sharing two bathrooms) my Friday morning looks like this: 5:00: Wake up, hit snooze button twice 5:50 - 6:25: Shower, brush teeth, start process for costume (ie: strapping down and or proping up) 6:30 - 7:30: Crash for an hour 7:35 - 8:00: Grab breakfast and watch room mates scramble around 8:05 - 8:45: Don cosplay, do hair, apply make up 8:45 - 9:10: Try to get contacts in successfully and probably reapply make up 9:10 - 9:30: Double check: bag, schedule, meet up spots with
  8. The Muppets The Great Space Coaster 3-2-1 Contact The Electric Company The Smurfs The Snorks I Love Lucy The Three Stooges What's Happening Speed Racer Knots Landing (I was 10 don't ask) Spencer for Hire / Hunter (spin off) The Equalizer MacGyver Jem GI Joe The Monkees The French Chef ( I was fascinated by Julia Childs) The New Zoo Revue ..... and Solid Gold I did watch a lot of cartoons but the non animated stuff I did watch with my family are what sticks in my mind.
  9. For those of you that are cosplaying Kyou Kara Maou! characters and are interested, there's a photoshoot set up for Saturday: August 9th,2008 @10am in front of the fountains by Harbour Place. Look for the "This way to Shin Makoku" sign. We're trying to do this early before it gets too hot....
  10. Had to scrap Hube and Kyoko due to time restraints, but I am still cosplaying the KKM Shrine Maiden (Saturday) and I'm bringing MaCha (Friday?) out of retirement.
  11. Character: Random Shinoubia Shrine Maiden (I refer to her as #329) Anime: Kyou Kara Maou!! Number of Props: 4 Prop Name: Maiden Hair ornaments (90%) just need a final coat of sealer, "Leaves of Transporting" (90%) just need to finish making the hot glue water droplets, Tzou the kung fu sheep (10%) I need to find a stuffed sheep , Conrad's arm (0%) well I need a fake arm to complete this - most likely won't do it. Percent Complete: 80%
  12. I make lists of lists I seem to have more to do this year than in previous ones and I'm not even the one in charge of finding people fo the hotel room, food stuffs and the like; but it seems I still have my work cut out for me when I look at my list: - I'm picking up more shifts at both jobs so I can have a bit more spending money since what I did have saved up was used for an emergency. - Finishing the props and accessories for my cosplay. - Test runs with my contacts, I'm up to 3 hours now. - Grocery list for my share of room food. (I actually just completed that part) - Lists
  13. I see you're a fan of Kushiel's Dart?

  14. On Thursday: I usually talk to my friends, people watch, or listen to music. This year I'm also playing Pokemon RED (yeah you heard me) on my old school Game Boy and trying yet again to get a line long sing along of "The line that doesn't end" ala Lamb Chop. The rest of the weekend I'm going to spend line time talking to friends, people watching or just generally zoned out...it kind of helps to pass the time.
  15. I'm coming along with one of my best friends, but am rooming with two friends from my anime club, one of my room mates from last year, a few on line friends and several others that have similar interests. But I always run into other friends and people from prior years, so technically I'm never alone.
  16. I along with a few other people have asked about using mp3 players or iPODs to provide their music. Are we allowed to do so?? I never noticed if folks used them in prior years and I see nothing about it on the main website....so, a little help please?
  17. Since my hotel room will be paid for ahead of time and the majority of food will be eaten there (yay for kitchenettes!) I'm thinking that $600 - $800 should be enough to cover my planned spending and random splurges for this Otakon. I usually only bring $200 or so but since I'm working two jobs now, bills are caught up, so my stimulus check will be used for con.... which is cool since it's scheduled to be delivered just before Otakon.
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