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  1. APRES MIDI and Brise - Malice Mizer Kiss-kuchizuke, Coming Closer, and Dive into Blue - L`arc~en~Ciel Hajimari no Kaze - Ayaka Hirahara Scramble - Horie Yui and Unscandal I'll, Ain't Afraid to Die, Akura no Oka - Dir en Gray Suteki Na Shiwase - THE STAND UP --- and a few others...maybe...I think.
  2. I'll be there with music and lyrics in tow. As usual I'll be singing random songs, but I'm ready. Besides I want to see these spiffy new duds our host with the most will be wearing. But I do have a question: can you use a mp3 player or iPod if you provide your own music? I'm tired of lugging around cds.
  3. There are too many for me to list so I'll just stick with seiyuu Akio Ohtsuka (Kyou Kara Maou,Ghost in the Shell, Black Jack) Toshiyuki Morikawa (KKM,Devil May Cry,D.Gray Man) Kazuhiko Inoue (KKM,Chrno Crusade,Gravitation) Mitsuki Saiga (KKM, .hack//SIGN,Koutetsu Sangokushi) Hiroaki Hirata (KKM,One Piece, Air Gear, Saiyuki) ......notice a theme? It would be great to meet just one of these people. Not only are they awesome voice actors, they're awesome singers to boot.
  4. I forgot to add my Big Wheel. How could I forget one of my most important means of transportation from the ages of three to seven?
  5. Or you could just cosplay someone you like. If you want to cosplay as Barret, no one is going to stop from entering the con because you're not the same race as the character you are cosplaying as. With the size factor, what ever looks good on you and you feel comfortable with (and it's not offensive) you should go with it. Try looking around the web and you might get results. I tried google and these are what I found: Jigen -Lupin III Vincent -Cowboy Bebop: KoHD Mihawk -One Piece Jet -Cowboy Bebop Hughes - Full Metal Alchemist Asuma - Naruto Stofflel - Kyou Kara Maou Maxin
  6. My favorite childhood toys? Those that belonged to my brother and claimed by me: Megatron and Shockwave (my favorite transformer toys!!) G.I. Joe Green army men Voltron He Man Hot Wheels race set All of his NERF balls plastic farm set (animals, people, plastic sheet with fake crops) My own: Barbie ("Day and Night Barbie" was the only one I had respect for) Wuzzle - Bumblelion Shy Violet from Rainbow Brite Lady Lovelylocks and my very first doll- Baby Bean (sans fingers though)
  7. I have my cosplays made as well as making my own from time to time (there wasn't an option for that) A friend of mine that's a clothing designer usually makes mine for me, but we have a clear understanding of exactly what it is I want, and it helps me since I rarely have the time to make a whole cosplay myself. I pick out and buy my own material, print my reference pics, and have a lot of input on how things progress. So it's not like I just drop off a picture and my measurements and tell him "Make it so". But I also know the satisfaction of making my own cosplays as well, but again it's
  8. I'm cosplaying (in no particular order) Sir Geigen Huber Brischella - Kyou Kara Maou Random Shinobia Shrine Maiden (again) - Kyou Kara Maou Kyoko Minazuki (maybe) - Rival Schools
  9. Cosplays for 2008: Shinobia Shrine Maiden and Lady Flynn (flurrin) Gilbert from Kyou Kara Maou! Although I'm not sure which will be worn first.
  10. It depends: If I'm staying at a hotel again, then I'll catch a cab so I can lugg all of my stuff but if not, I'll be using le'MTA and commuting to and fro; it's only a 20 minute ride.
  11. With an unlimited budget my cosplay list would probably be endless; but the ones close to my heart are: Kou Shuurei's court gown from Saiunkoku Monogatari Gackt's (Malice Mizer era) snake skin duster costume from the Au Revoir video Gackt's (MM era) "death" costume from the Gekka no Yasoukyoku video Kami's (MM) pirate costume from the Gekka no Yasoukyoku video Kozi's (MM) harlequin costume from the Gekka no Yasoukyoku video Yu~ki's (MM) Le Ciel gargoyle costume from the le`space concert Abel Nightlord Krushnick form from Trinity Blood Kachiko (Scorpion Clan) from the Leg
  12. It's been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day: I got attacked on the way to work today. And when I turned around to to see who hit me, I was presented with a big shiney knife. I wasn't mugged, but just the same.... .....I think I'll move to Australia. with apologies to Judith Viorst for butchering her story....
  13. While feeding the pigeons today, I noticed them trying grab the food as I threw it rather than waiting for it to land; kind of gave me an idea of how hot the ground was. ...sad thing is I didn't feel the heat today... and I don't have air conditioning.
  14. I've learned that trying to dry bread dough in a microwave to make a maou manju is a no-no. My house still smells of smoke (and it's been over 24 hours) and I think the microwave is afraid of me.
  15. Yay! 700th post! And it only took me four years to get here. An observation: I know that I am a night owl, but my neighbors are outside grilling at nearly one o'clock in the morning. So now I have the joy of smelling smoke and burgers as I get ready for bed. :?
  16. *sigh* Even on my day off when I can sleep in, I'm up at the same time just sitting here. Stupid built in alarm clock. Ironically, nine times out of ten I'll over sleep tomorrow. :roll:
  17. This means whoever posted this line is not really you? Obviously without internet you couldn't have posted it.
  18. I realize now that the fates are against me... the Violent Femmes are playing at Power Plant Live the same day that Otakon begins. :cry: Though I love them, I don't want to miss the con. *shakes fists at the heavens*
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