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  1. Happy Birthday Guyeg!! I find it funny that I'm just starting on my cosplays. One to be revamped and one being made by someone else. Gee I'm lazy.....
  2. Umm...I just drank a bottle of water... it had an expiration date of 12/06....I never knew bottled water expired. :? Still looking for a second job...
  3. I had a really high fever last night. Still not feeling quite "all there". But I find it ironic that I'm sick on my day off... :?
  4. I have to add a new one: Witch Hunter Robin. For some reason the last few episodes just set me off on a crying jag.
  5. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Gravitation Full Metal Alchemist Last Exile Wolf's Rain Barefoot Gen Mai Hime Peacemaker Kuogane (the last episode) Chrno Krusade (again the last episode) D.N. Angel --and a few others. I'm just a big crybaby
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