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  1. I have a moving oldschool Digimon AMV with a totally unknown song I made in time to enter to Katsucon a few months ago - so I'm already all set!
  2. sounds cool to me I never knew such a thing existed! I'd be interested in going. ^^
  3. I always had a dream to cosplay as Doctor Fubuki from G-taste. X3 LOL But that is not on my schedule for this Otakon sadly. But I did want to encourage and tell you how awesome you are for doing this cosplay, I MUST find you and glomp / take your picture! Trauma Center is awesome! ^__^
  4. Just so people know - my friends and I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel (The one in The Galleria, number 12 on the Otakon hotel map) for two years and it's a VERY nice place. EASILY fit 7 in a room. (two double beds, plus I bring my own foam mats for the floor, plenty of room for them and everything). And at around 200 a night it’s decent price too. It’s about a 3-block walk, but it’s an easy walk, just one street to cross and there IS a skywalk…and it’s a good area, right through the skywalk to/through the mall or even on the street along the harbor. And free apples (in place of candy) at
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