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  1. Hm I'm torn between the Attention Whore Cosplayer, the Quiet /a/ lurker and the Fanartist.
  2. Since I have bills to pay and at the moment haven't created a budget plan for Otakon expenses, a portion of my tax return should be all that I need, it's unexpected money so it doesn't fit into pre-planned expenditures. Honestly, though people, how much stuff can you really buy or want...well let me take that back and rephrase, because I always want a lot of stuff when I first see it, the better question is how much stuff do you see that you want to buy that you know that after a few weeks it won't be relegated to a spot in your closet, just taking up space. That's why I get relatively pr
  3. Hey quick question for future reference, I know some people had ipods that they used to sync up with the laptops to play the music, are zunes and other mp3 players usable as well?
  4. Yeah I know what you all mean after each Otakon it's like, "Nooooooo I don't want to go back to the real world, I want to stay here forever. *Runs and finds solace in Domo.*" Then I get pushed as if through a portal into the real world and I go, "Awwww."
  5. Just finished FLCL and Hellsing. Now Hellsing OVA 2 and Excel Saga 4
  6. Just started listening to it now, ha love how you started off with Portal samples.
  7. Tenchi Muyo Outlaw Star Excel Saga Perfect Blue
  8. Yes, but I believe you mean Florensia, not Solstice. I still haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
  9. I love anime, we all do I would imagine however this past year I realized while sitting in the Iron Editor panel that I barely knew any of the animes used in the AMVs and it is for that reason I wish to compile a list of anime that you must absolutely see, now this is obviously each individual person's opinion but it would be nice to have a reference for people just getting into anime to know what to check out OR for people who may already be into it but want to find something new that they may never have heard of. Some that make my list that we've all probably heard of: Trigun Cow
  10. Oh wow - You must have *just* missed it, it was about that far into the set that I switched to dnb and that was the first dnb track that I played. :-( Aw man I missed it too, I wonder if that was when I was stuck in the Bag Check line.
  11. Take that up with the people that reserve the slots. Personally, I want to hear less Portal. If by Portal you mean Jonathan Coulton, then I must say that you fail at life, Sah! Yes, "Still Alive" has been played a bajillion times, but it is still the greatest song written for a video game... EVER. XD Lol except when one guy keeps playing it over and over again, but hey "Least I got cake."
  12. Did anyone use the parking garage on Hanover St. that was right there under the big lit P sign and if you did how much was it?
  13. I lol'd! I think I saw one guy in a Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo costume but don't quote me on that.
  14. Possible suggestion is on the sign in board have two columns. In the left column, name of person (or band) and if they want to perform by their self or have people just join in and jam with them and in the right column the names of the songs, anime, video games they're going to play from. That way people can just look in advance at the board and note what sets might be open and if any of the songs being played are ones they're familiar with and can be ready to jump in.
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