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  1. The Opening Animation was commissioned by us, from Madhouse. It's not composites. THANK YOU! It was mentioned multiple times that the opening was under contract to be shown only once a day, and wasn't allowed to be available to the public in anyway. The Con-Chair did state that they would try to work something out in attempt to get a version, whether lower quality, etc. out to the public via download, youtube, or something of that nature, but as of now, the only way to see it was at the panels it was shown at (Opening and Closing cerimonies, and if it was shown at an event on
  2. Beat, but after a few weeks me and my friend think of the only costume idea we can come up with and then procrastinate it for the whole year, and then I over work myself on it due to my OCD of not wanting to be a crappy cosplayer, but I still have been in my opinion these past two years that I have hit up Otakon. This year, I hope to get it right.
  3. Took me a darn long while to respond, lol. But they were great! Quick shipping, I just missed the message saying that I had to go up to the post office and sign for it. Remember to do that if you order from them. The Glasses I got my friend were awesome too.
  4. I've been playing COD4 every now and then. Hit me up, my tag is my Forum ID.
  5. Alright, ordered from them just now. I did it by paypal. Shipping was $12.40, which was a bummer. Oh well, I'll let ya'll know if all goes well.
  6. Alright, well I am going to make a purchase from them tonight, we'll see how it goes.
  7. *Edit* Or heck, if you know where I could buy these at: http://www.madokanime.com/shop/images/A11B063000010806.jpg It would be very helpful, thank you again. -Jeremy
  8. The URL is: http://www.madokanime.com/shop/ I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I was hoping to get a buddy a gift from there. Let me know, and thanks! -Jeremy
  9. Yeah, I was just down in Comic-con, and man, empty as can be, lol. It was really weird, but I enjoyed my self. I did have a guy hit us up who handed us a paper asking if we would donate to the hearing disabled. Due to the reputation of the area though, I had a feeling he wasn't the real deal, not to mention the look he has when he wasn't approaching anyone. If anyone could verify this dude, that would be cool.
  10. That sandwich shop is good, but you come cross some shady folk there.
  11. These are my favorite moments because I try to make conversation: ::I walk on:: Me:Sup/Yo/Hey Him: Responds ::Pause:: Him:Pretty crazy weekend huh? Me: Yep! ::Another pause:: Me: So what are you here for? Him: Oh me? Oh I uh...vacation/business. Me: Hows that working out for you? Him: Oh...its working alright...yeah... Me: Oh yeah? ::Doors open:: "Catch ya Later!"
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