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  1. Here we go:


    Suicide Club

    Zatoichi (old and new)

    Ichi the killer



    Ninja Scroll

    The Last Samurai

    Who am I (Jackie Chan flick, IMO his best one. lol)

    Kung Fu Hustle (would love to see this on the big screen)

  2. Does anyone know why Great Teacher Largo was cxl'd. I was really looking forward to it this year.

    As for the panels themselves, I think they were handled well, I just would have liked to see a bigger variety of topics. Same went with the 35mm movies this year which just basically showed the same thing as last year.

    Basically, there was a mixup on times. While I don't know where the original mixup originated, he thought his panel was 30 minutes later that what our internal panels schedule said. When he didn't check in on time, we canceled him and placed another panel that was ready to go in his slot.

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