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  1. My boyfriend is cosplaying Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes since the character seems to be a doppelganger of him. I want to cosplay Henry from the same game, but we shall see! XD
  2. Cosplay and all the weird ppl! Half the fun is coming up with unique things ppl don't do or don't do often! We went as the cromartie crew! We had everyone except the gorrilla! (had a baby mechazawa paintcan purse x 2) People loved it and so did we! I hope to have as much fun as we did last year! 2008 is year five for me! I hope they also get some GOOD stuff in the dealers room this year. I didn't see ANYTHING that screamed out to me last time. That never happens!
  3. ME and my roommates want to go as one piece this year. I got a luffy! A possible zoro/sanji (whichever he chooses) and maybe franky I am wanting to be Brook but if i can't manage to make a GOOD costume, i'll just be nami since i pretty much look like her. Guess well see! XD Or maybe we'll just be Cromartie High school again. Our Freddie has a REAL mustache this year! XD
  4. OH ya, and Kare Kano - Mushy animes get me every time
  5. Sailor Moon - When Sailor turned out to be the princess and they were like "I love CHUU!" And Queen Beryl was like "YOINK! YOUR MAN IS MINE". And fled. I cried so hard (hey gimme a break, my first anime! age 13) Fushigi Yuugi - They killed Nuriko. I cried and destroyed people after that. Grave of the Fireflies - I went so emo... Ninja Nonsense - I LOLed so hard I cried...
  6. Well, the new naruto shippuden movie comes out on 8.4.08. Maybe that can be subbed and then put on screen? That would be sooo sweet! HEYYY!! How about some subbed One piece movies...any would be great! Or the deathnote movies!
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