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  1. Opinions about how to improve the con rave fit quite well into the topic. Just because they're not outright suggestions doesnt mean it doesn't help to give ideas, instead it strengthens other suggestions to prove there's a number of people who'd like the same thing, which is sort of the point here. Of these conversations we've already found/agreed upon several things that would be good for the rave. Is that not progress? @ the people talking about dancing. I didn't mean it like that, geeze. If you read what the person I was replying to was talking about/their problem you'd understand why
  2. Awesome, can't wait to see Shishio. Don't forget to do the burned skin makeup underneath it, forget that showing through and it'll ruin it. If you need to know how to do it I can tell you about a really easy method. I'm planning on being Mimiru for the .Hack//SIGN group on Friday, Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service Saturday, and if I get it done in time possibly Ms. Frizzle Sunday (planning on her for Halloween at the least). I'm also making Krim, Bear, and Tombo's costumes for the weekend as well.
  3. If that's what they're doing at a rave they have no business being there anyway. That's not how you dance to rave music. Frankly in my opinion that's less dancing than pacing back and forth on your feet like some people do. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I second this, most wholeheartedly. I have on caveat - if a fog machine is procured, be sure it is a cold fog machine. The cool fog would have a positive effect on the temperature problem, as well as add to the atmosphere (plus if there are any lights, particularly lasers, fog makes them so much more awesome).
  5. lol waita double post within a post there Maybe its just me, but I feel like there is WAY too much rap/hip hop played at these sort of things. Frankly it gets on my nerves, there is very few stuff that's non-old school that actually sounds like good music nowadays. But to each his own, just asking that there only be some, not a huge amount, because if so I'm leaving and I'm sure many others will probably as well. Definately some more anime & other Japanese-oriented music, after all this is Otakon. Also maybe in addition to the hip-hop and anime music, some more indus
  6. Well, they said they're possibly interested, so hit me up (info in profile). ^-^ I'd love it if we could all do it, .Hack//SIGN was the first anime I ever wanted to cosplay (actually Sora is my favorite character so kudos to you), and I've been drawing up plans for years for various characters. Actually, if we can find someone tiny and willing to let me do major makeup on them, I could do CATS musical style makeup on them for Maha.
  7. HAha you've got a mix of he problems two of my friends are having-- one's got the extremely French-German stocky build/strong features, the other's extremely tall and won't shave (he's got the all out Jew hair even though he's not even strongly religious lol)
  8. Oh oh this is so tempting...I was going to do a group with this girl planning to do Subaru in '09 but just found out I probably won't be able to go next year unless Otakon gets pushed back yet another week.... I might be able to do Mimiru and grab a Bear and maybe even a Krim if I can convince one to shave and the other to do crunches Mind if I check with them?
  9. Considering doing Mayuri/Nemu with my bf, just like with my DeathNote consideration I'm a little concerned about adding to the already too-large epidemic of cosplays from these shows.
  10. I'm tempted to do the Misa costume I wanted to do last year before this jerk in my group stole my character.... though doing that would drain my funds bc I'd get way to into it and want to turn someone into a Rem and go crazy with prosthetics. Plus I just feel like there will be way too many DeathNote again and I'm not a fan of having a bajillion of me running about.
  11. I'll do a tiny section of my list: Half Life 2 (Freemon and Alyx) Freya's black armored dress and her red Spanish-like dress Fran Sabriel (by Garth Nix) with full mail Kyo from Dir en Grey's Miyaku Full out accurate Katamari outfits An improved Haruko Haruhara complete with real Rickenbacker and Vespa Trigun Sesshoumaru/Rin All of Jareth's costumes My original Fiery design from Labyrinth And then I'd pay Hiromoto Sin-Ichi to finally finish publishing Stone so I can read it all and get enough good images to cosplay that.
  12. Hm...well for the money thing as those deposits WOULD help to make people try harder to actually come as they said, the deposit could always be something small that after Otakon is over, those panelists who came would get their money reimbursed. It'd work, and we do it for some programs here, but I'm not sure if Otakon will feel like doing that. It's not much extra work but I'm sure someone would complain about having something else to do.
  13. The wristbands complaints were stupid, its says right on the homepage of 4chan that it's 18+. Though I do agree it should have been in the program, but it also had "Gaia" down and the whole program in general was screwed up. I agree for the most part, 4chan was handled well. Of course its going to be loud, its 4chan, the jokes ar offensively funny, that's the whole point of the nothing is sacred rule. I do think the horror stories about 4chan I've heard have been passed to other staff members is overly exaggerated, though. It has and will continue to cause some staff and gofers to be too
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