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  1. Just the honest truth, mate lol. Cold, hard, factual. Nothing to do with bad luck at all.
  2. I guess whoever one dates...they will forget you in a few months anyways. All con-goers are the same...you make friends with em, and then a few months later, they treat you like trash and throw you away.
  3. Last year I had about 700 dollars for my con budget, and immediately after that I started re-saving for next year's one. I figure if things goes well I might bring the same amount/up to $1000 next year. Let's see how it goes. Rule of thumb - save early, save often.
  4. For me, it's gonna be 50/50. Depends if I'm going to Hong Kong next year or not.
  5. Playing it...pretty good. Which server is the Otakon guild located?
  6. Where can I download it from? And is it in open or closed beta?
  7. Make that meet up (s) plural... All of the meetups set up on otakon BBS this just...did not work out. I understand it cannot be an officially sanctioned event...but someone w/ leadership experience should co-ordinate Edo or other meetups to happen...IF it will happen well. Personally...if we ever do any meetup next year..I would like to go to one which will ACTUALLY happen... We will see, I guess...
  8. From an experienced loli's point of view, the only one your friend should be upset about missing is the MaruiOne.jp/h.Naoto/Angelic Pretty booth. Rakuen and The White Peacock were also there, but they're generally not a good source of quality lolita clothing, and the quality only deteriorated from there. Cute-Plush.com was there, though, and it's owned by lolitas, though. Their merchandise is generally pretty good for the price and very cute.
  9. Thanks for the information. Found the game...it is REALLY hard..controlling the SP points and all that.
  10. Was that the "This wasn't playtested" one? I saw people playing that everywhere. Even the staff were playing it.
  11. Does anyone know what it's called? And where can I find information for it? It's that online one they were showcasing.
  12. Wanted to know...does anyone know the contact information for the Gothic Lolita clothing booths? My friend could not make it to the con but after I told her about their existance, she might be interested in buying some ot their items online. Any help?
  13. Is there a way to confirm with people who put the preliminary invite? Like...can those who are going give out contact information other than the Otakon e-mail so they can confirm? Some people do need a little push to make things right...
  14. Punkrockotaku, did you ever find any other people to interview besides me? Hope that chat of ours on Friday was useful.
  15. I think it's essentially an issue of choosing between one of many evils... Personally I would'nt make it because I usually work on Thursdays... But...I'm sure about the "packed" issue...can't you reserve a place for people in advance? I'm sure true otakus can put up with the squashiness of the place?
  16. I was not "liberated..." Is there an Otakon "Firing Squad" for this Dorobo guy? lol
  17. Is it possible to move the Edo Sushi meet up for next year from Thursday to Friday/Saturday? That way, more people can be ready and able to go to the meetup.
  18. Sorry to hear about the Edo Sushi trip. At least you had people show up...the singles meetup on Friday only had a turnout of...one person...apparanty lol.
  19. This year was the best weather for Otakon in the 4 years I went to it. Good stuff!
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